(PDF) Supply Chain Management: theory and practices

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Gurpreet Singh Gill.A00105702Information SystemSCM10Application Exercise (10%)Submitted to professor: Dr.Diljeet Kaur
Question: The digital supply chain technology advancements willlikely drive much of the global supply chain management model overthe coming years. Do you think it’s a valuable technology to furthersupply chain success? Are there other technologies you would investin to grow supply chain quality or efficiency?Answer:
The supply chain is one of the essential parts of the world economy.The supply chain is responsible for the all the products that are in themarket and consumers are getting it in quite easy way. However, thesupply chain management is extremely complicated process and thereare many hurdles in path of providing the service for economy. Thesupply chain management is getting more improvement in the field ofservice and its all credit goes to the continuous advancement intechnology related to logistics. Moreover, supply chain management isgetting more and more advance these days. Now the supply chain atthe world level is increasing at alarming rate and its very tough thanthen the logistics works in the territories of any nation. The problemsare many like related to the service providers, distributors,manufacturers, number of suppliers, law of differ nations, passage ofproducts through the various geographic locations, etc. Its was thethings of past that was mess for the managements. But now the wholescenario is changed now it is bit more easier for supply chainmanagements to deal with routine works. Till date the supply chain istotally changed by the technological advancements and the future ofthe supply chain management is also be very differ and successful and itall will be happen owing to the development in the field of the supplychainSome of the technologies those are and will make the supply chainmore effective and successful:
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