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Origin of Life - Assignment

Added on - 13 Nov 2020

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Hanera G. Sarip12- Mark1. What is your stand regarding the origin of life? Creation or Evolution? Explain your view.For me, my stand regarding the origin of life is creation. As a muslim, I firmly believe by what is stated inour holy Quran that He created the heavens and earth in Truth, and shaped you and perfected yourshapes; and to Him is the ultimate destination. God is the creator and sustainer of all things, and theBible / Quran serves as evidence of the history of creation. The theory of evolution is simply ruled out onthe basis of scientific reasoning, but for me it's not that well-established, it's just a theory thatspeculates how the world was made.2. Regarding the presentation by Dr. Kent Hovind, what are your opinions in comparison with thetheories of evolution?Regarding the presentation by Dr. Kent Hovind, his statements about the comparison with the theoriesof evolution were very organized and well explained. I admire how unbiased and very open he is aboutstating his ideas that he has supported with evidence. I concur with Dr. Hovind 's remark that it's noteducation when you're only presenting one side of the story, you need both sides to understand andknow the facts. Dr. Kent Hovind made me understand the origin of life clearer. The hypothesis ofevolution changes every now and then, it's incredible how humans came up with these concepts, butfrom what I realized in the presentation, these theories are created only by a man while creation statesthe words that actually came from God.
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