Healthcare Assignment: Sociology and Nursing Practice

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Can sociology enhance nursing practice?Sociology can enhance the nursing practice, as it is the study related to social life of humans.It helps nurses to understand the social and physiological needs of patients and provide efficientcare to them. When nurses apply the concept of sociology into action, it helps in the developmentof critical thinking, questioning skills and analytical approach in their practice (Denny, Earle andHewison, 2016). In accordance to the sociology the system is analysed in such a way that it notonly focuses on proper functioning and development of nursing practices but also experience thesituation of deep crises. With the concept of modern sociology practices in nursing the nurses areguided to study reason of such crises and find the solution to get rid of such situation. This formsthe base of new upcoming future of nursing. Sociology plays an efficient role in the development of reflective skills in the nursingpractice (Green and Earle, 2005). These reflective skills are the set of structured process that helpin the improvement of the nursing practice and provide nurses with strategies to deal with workpressures. Sociology act as important tools that help nurses in understanding the conceptregarding communities and get an idea regarding where their future patients live in and helpthem in making themselves more effective in their nursing practices. The vision of sociology innursing helps them in solving the problem related to patients in ways that are more efficient. Italso has positive impacts on the mind of nurses that help them in dealing with patients,understand the working of society and make limit the perceptions regarding the problems.Sociology provides nurses knowledge regarding the holistic care of patients. It isessential for each nurse to understand the need of every patients and their families in order toprovide them with the best possible nursing care. Thus, approach of holistic care makes nursesunderstand needs and requirement of patients (Cooke, 1993). This approach also help in thedevelopment of nursing practices by evolution of many nursing models, primary nursingpractices, process of appropriate nursing and use of therapies.In some instances sociology is also considered as emancipatory discipline, it means thatnurses should become self critical regarding their profession and it looks difficult in presentlyavailable limited practice experience. Thus, sociology demands the need of training forenhancing the nursing education. It helps nurses to learn many practical skills such as injectionstechniques and aseptic procedure for effective nursing practices. The major focus of applyingsociology in the nursing is to focus on researches specially in patient along with learning their1

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