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History Before 1877

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Added on  2023-04-21

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This document provides information on major events in American history before 1877, including the French and Indian War, War of 1812, Manifest Destiny, and the Civil War. It discusses the causes and impacts of these events and their significance in shaping the nation. Desklib offers study material, assignments, and essays related to these topics.

History Before 1877

   Added on 2023-04-21

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Running head: HISTORY BEFORE 1877
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Answer 1:
The Seven years’ war is the French and Indian war widely recognized as a major event
leading to the American Revolution. According to Smith (2017), the war was from 1756 to 1763
where Britain got the victory in the battle and got the authority on the lands that belonged to the
First Nation, France and Canada. For many years, the French were the English’s main rivals, and
when the battle with the French was won by the British, it came along with a very high cost.
England’s impressive war methods cost England a great deal of money which led them
extracting resources through colonization. When Britain was developing individual political
entities, they suddenly felt unwanted in the place since their main purpose was to provide
protection to French. Therefore, when the defeat occurred, the need for the English was
irrelevant and dangerous for the French. Britain was seen as the exploiters focusing on extracting
as many resources as possible from the colonies at the colonies at the expenses of colonists.
According to Sen, (2016), the foundation that laid the main foundation was the battle
itself which forced Britain to invest a fortune on the war. By the end of the war, it was not
possible to assemble a more formidable fight force. The British found themselves facing the
challenges of war debt. The British had the power to implement changes after the war as they
won the victory. However, their military condition compelled them to instate excessive taxes
from America. According to the British, the colonist should contribute to repaying the debt that
was incurred from their behalf. This angered the American people who wanted to pay no taxes
without representation. Also, the French and Indian war helped American understand and learn
the rules and methods that British imply while fighting the battle. Therefore, for American, it
became easier to fight the British.
History Before 1877_2
Answer 2:
The war of 1812 occurred between Britain and the American from 1812 to 1841. There
were several reasons that led America to declare war on Britain. The immediate causes of the
war were various economic reasons that were taken by the French and British against Americans
as part of the Napoleon Wars. However, the reasons for the war were many such as expansion to
the west, crashing of economy and trade being hindered. Great Britain had violated American
sovereignty when they refused to surrender the western forts even though it was promised in the
treaty of Paris. British’s practice of impressment was a major reason that made the Americans
offended on Britain. Also, the trade between France and America was issued with several
restrictions by the British which led to the obstacle in trading between the two nations.
Americans disliked the fact that the British supported the Native American by providing arms
and support since the Native Americans were attacking the American settlers earlier. British had
a big loss of resources in the war where they gained victory and the loss of resources made the
British impose more taxes on the Americans. Combining all the events anger was getting build
up within American resulted in declaring war against Britain by mistake. Therefore, the real
cause of the war was the anger caused due to disrespect that Britain showed towards the
Americans and obstacle that came on the way of trading (Hamlin, 2013).
Answer 3:
The idea of Manifest destiny is an old concept similar to exploration. The phrase was
coined in 1845 that meant the United States was destined by God for territorial expansion. It is
the requirement of expanding territory and having a profound influence. The philosophy of
manifesting destiny travelled from Europe to North America beginning from Christopher
Columbus followed by many other. The spirit of manifest destiny was the idea that helped the
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