Ho Chi Minh- History Essay

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SPEECH2History Essay: SpeechIntroductionHo Chi Minh is considered a national hero in Vietnam. Minh’s involvement in thefight against Japanese and French oppression during the Second World War earned him anational and international status. Importantly, his proclamation of the sovereignty of theDemocratic Republic of Vietnam marked the end of the scandalous relationship between thenation and Frances. In this speech, Minh recaps some of the cruelties that Vietnam sufferedunder France and Japan. Finally, he declares Vietnam a free state and calls for theinternational community to support the nation’s new status.Question 1The services that Minh is referring to is the assistance that Vietnam offered to theallies and France during the Second World War[ CITATION Min60 \l 1033 ]. As the warraged, the conflict between France and Japan spilled to Vietnam. Although in the SpeechMinh points out that the French surrendered to the Japanese, the people of Vietnam assistedFrance during this period. According to Minh (1960), the Vietnamese helped the French tocross to the frontier, freed them from Japanese prisons and secured their lives and property.Moreover, it is vital to recall that Japan was one of the key antagonists of the allies during theSecond World War. In overcoming Japan, the allies relied on Vietnam for help.Consequently, when Japan occupied of Vietnam, the allies used Minh and the peopleof Vietnam to gather intelligence information against the Japanese (Tonnesson, 2011). Thisinformation was vital in the subsequent defeat of Japan in 1945 forcing it to surrender. In thisrespect, the services that Minh is referring to is Vietnam’ assistance to France and its supportto the allies in gathering intelligence information against Japan.Question Two
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