Horizontal Violence (HV) Assignment

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Running head: HORIZONTAL VIOLENCEHorizontal ViolenceName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1HORIZONTAL VIOLENCEHorizontal violence (HV)is defined as an act of unwanted hostility or abuseoccurring within the workplace(Becher&Visovsky, 2012).Horizontal violence is a series ofrepeated conflicts that makes HV overwhelming, generating symptoms like depression andposttraumatic stress among the victims(Becher&Visovsky, 2012). The phenomenon of HV isat times used interchangeably with the term lateral violence(Taylor,2016). When a nurse or agroup of nurses expresses hostile or harmful behaviour toward a particular co-worker, then itis term as horizontal violence in nursing profession(Sheridan-Leos, 2008). The members ofnursing profession belongs to oppressed group with the majority of the members are women.According to the theory of oppression, lack of power and lack of control over the workenvironment lead to the generation of HV within the profession of nursing(Johnston,Phanhtharath& Jackson, 2009). In nursing profession the act of HV is complicated becauseHV is extensively ingrained in the workplace culture of nursing and thus the victim nurseswho are experiencing or witnessing the same do not recognize it(Taylor,2016). HV whichresults out of cyclic acts of aggression towards the co-workers is also termed as workplacebullying. Here bullying means demeaning the employee, either publicly or privately. Here themain intension of the bully’s is to cause psychological and physical stress to the victims(Vessey, DeMarco&DiFazio, 2011). Other behaviour that contributes horizontal violenceinclude blaming, verbal fighting among the colleagues, criticizing, refusing to provide help,humiliation in a public place and undermining efforts(Dumont, Meisinger, Whitacre&Corbin, 2012). Other threats are gossiping, isolation, threat, ignorance and making observablephysical expression like rolling of eyes(Thomas & Burk, 2009).HV perished dignity of an individual and this in turn is detrimental for the profession.HV has special implications over the students or the newly graduated nursing personnel whohave mainly question regarding practical field of work and requires profession guidance inorder to achieve their full potential in nursing profession. New graduate nurses who are the
2HORIZONTAL VIOLENCEvictims of HV face difficulties in achieving success due to complex workplace environmentalconflict(Laschinger et al., 2010). Not only the team of newly graduates, HV hamper theequilibrium of nursing profession or the health care team. This damage is caused by everwidening rift between the nursing professionals or group of professionals. The effect of HVin turn indirectly affects the health and the quality of life of the patient(Roche et al., 2010).The victims of HV in nursing profession suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety, sleepingdisorder and depression. All these side-effects are detrimental for nursing profession andeffects the employee retention leading to poor patient : nurse ratio(Wilson et al., 2011;Weaver, 2013). This is due to the fact that the majority of the nurses who have become thevictim of HV have considered leaving the profession and which have contributed to theshortage in national nursing. In the name of HV, important information related to patient careis either omitted or kept secret from the new attending graduate nurse. As a result, thevictimised nurse falls in a poor position in front of the doctors and the family members of thepatients. Not only this, patient, quality treatment and health is also compromised due to suchacts. This negligence in patient care arising out of the lack of information may cost negativelyto the patients, their family and the health care institute. Such condition may also inflictpotential legal action against the guilty nurses and the overall condition can be staggering.Moreover, what more threatening is, HV has also inflicted suicidal behaviour.In spite to its wide spread detrimental effects, the majority of the incidence of HVremains unreported. Even with zero retaliation policies, victims are not aware of theappropriate steps to report against V. Moreover, the problem in employee retention and lackof quality care arising out of the HV has affected the health care institute financially.Moreover, this financial loss is further increased as a result of absenteeism, therapy fordepression and anxiety and poor work performance.
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