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HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT2Introduction Hospitality and tourism industry is one of the largest and the fastest growing industryin the international boundary. The industry has been estimated to create almost 328million ofemployment and supportive organisation in the year 2020. The industry makes significantcontribution towards the growing economics of different nations in various ways such ashotel service, tourism services and airline service. Based on these factors the study presentsinformation about marketing and segmentation of the Raffles group and other hospitalityorganisation.1. Answers a. Background of the industryThe hospitality industry of Singapore has been dramatically directed by tourism sectorin the past few years. In this context, the industry is facing huge competition from the globalperspective, for which they are to needed to deliver not only a place to reside in but a alsokind of customer fulfilment of demand through a provision of quality and standard customersatisfaction (Bhati & Pearce, 2017). In this aspect, the tourism receipts in Singapore increasedby almost 3.9% with S$26.8bollion owing to the growth of tourist arrival across the country(Mason, 2015).Background of the companyThe Raffle group of hotels includes Raffles, Fairmount and Swissotel that are thethree most popular luxury hotel chains in Singapore. These hotel chains are historic collectionthat located in the major cities and resort location around the world consisting of: The Savoyin London, Raffles Singapore, Fairmount San Francisco and The Plaza. These hotel chainsincluding Raffles group, Fairmount hotels are the major leaders of the internationalhospitality sector that provides distinctive collection and reputation for quality standards.These hotel chains focuses on differentiation based methods for target high status customers(Raffles, 2018). These strategies are designed to attract effective customers amongst thetarget market niche.In order to make promotional efforts Raffles group, Fairmount and Swissiotel uses adifferent strategy that is based on a global campaign on the historical ambience of the hotel.In this aspect, the hotel services offers. They have been using online content for spreading theawareness about the internal design innovation of the hotel. In this the levels of innovationentailed fro, theatre playhouse, museum, a number of luxurious brand shops to attract
HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT3customers. Innovation is the major way for Raffles hotel chains as an effort to addresspromotions. Apart from these, they are also offering complimentary night’s stay and USD$25 hotel staying discount for dining and Spa faculties for staying at Raffles hotels andresorts (Law et al., 2015).b. Market segmentation and marketing effort of the companyGeographicThese hotel chains operate amongst 95 countries all around the world, Raffles operatein Singapore, and Fairmount operates in Thailand as well as Bangkok and Swissiotelfunctions in New York areas mostly. Raffles group of hotels are located at Singapore whichare the major jewel hotels in Singapore that are named after the father of modern person inSingapore. Swissotel and Fairmount are segmented in such a way that it will easily attract thetourist. Both these hotels are ideally located at the heart of the financial areas with 30 minutecar ride from Singapore and New York airport therefore, making it easily accessible for thetourist visiting Singapore and New York respectively (Kim, Woo & Uysal, 2015). Fairmountis planned to undeform a restoration program to retain the historical speciality of the hotel toattract more local and international customers. In this, it has been seen that the market hasbeen valued ay USD 534.02 million that is estimated to increase by the year 2021(Yen &Tang, 2015). DemographicAccor hotels are the one of leading hotel chains including Raffles group, Fairmount,Swissiotel and many more. Swiisotell provides the finest private rooms around differentlocation with a dual expertise and benefits for the customer. Fairmount is active in localcommunities that are committed to provide suitable development by providing customerswith comprehensive programs. In Singapore are using internet website and mobileapplication to offer services to the affluent high class travellers who are visiting Singapore onand off purpose during the process of travels. These hotel chains such as Swissotel have global presence all around the world inareas such as Europe, America, and Middle East. The philosophy these hotels are to provideservices based on natural resources for the wellbeing of the consumers. The hotel chain ismostly famous in China, Singapore and USA, for delivering high status service with premium

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