Tourism's Impact on Vanuatu


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HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MARKET1.Prime ethical and governing issues presented in the Vanuatu’s Broken Dream video Vanuatu is a significant Pacific region tourism market for Australian cruise shiporganizations (Aph.gov.au 2014). Any organization follows the corporate social responsibilitiesto gain the triple bottom line profit that are social, financial and environmental benefits. Mostcompanies follow the principles to achieve the sustainability of the profit. While performing abusiness in a region outside its home state, it is not just the temporary profit that the companyaims, the responsibilities related to reputation building, taking care of the host nation andcommunities and ethics become important. However the hospitality and tourism industry is farbehind from adapting the corporate social responsibilities more effectively as it is beingexperienced in the Cruise ship tourism business in Vanuatu (Coles et al. 2013). In order tomaximize the profit they are engaging in ethical misconducts which are affecting the tourism andhospitality market as a whole. The tourists and the local communities of similar businessscenario have been demanding more ethical practice in the tourism business (de Grosbois 2012).There are many ethical issues that can be found in the Vanuatu’s Broken Heart video. The localcommunities of the Islands like Espirito Santo, Efate, Pentacost and others have beenexperiencing various ethical problems caused by the cruise ship tourism business in their area.Gap between expectation and realityThe local communities were supposed to get great economic profits primarily from thelanding and anchoragefees. There are other secondary means that promised to help the growth ofthe local economy, like from the local food or brew business or flyers, souvenirs or local crafts
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HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MARKETand accessories. However the reality that has been presented in the documentary speaks adifferent story. The local people have been given fewer opportunities to earn money. As the localbusinessman Flavio who runs a small shop with his wife at the beach when the cruise arrivesexpresses his concerns about the lack of fortune provided by the tourism business (YouTube2013). The Vanuatu Tourist Community did not publish any financial report from 2008 to 2012so the financial and ethical misconducts can be proved (YouTube 2013). Self regulation limitsThe cruise ship company only prioritizes its self-profit and in the process it ignores thecommunity interest. The only time the community concern has been considered when thecompany profit is related. The management invested 800000 dollars for improving the facility ofVanuatu and it was used in well designed toilets and clean water facilities but the facilities arefor only the tourists (Sbs.com.au 2013). The documentary presents how the family of the villageleader lives with minimum facilities like any other families in the island. Reaching the poorThe tourism company only cares for its stakeholders and the poor inhabitants of theVanuatu islands as non stakeholders and ignored. The company does not do anything to changethe societal structure of the community and helps the poor to stay poor only (Scheyvens et al.2015). The tourism company is present here for more than 10 years and the development of thewater system is meant for the tourists only. The tourists also do not trust the locals with theirmoney as they feel the community’s lack of experience with cash flow makes them dishonest.
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