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Hotel Management System CIS3108/NSG6108Your Name

Preliminary InvestigationThe current system of XYZ Hotel is based on manual system and this system is very cumbersome tomanage and to deal with all requirements of Hotel Management. Now to fulfill the all requirement ofcurrent Hotel management system new system is designed that will be completely online from where anyuser can login from anywhere and can do their related functionality. After a deep analysis of samplesduring the problem definition stage the analyst found that all required hardware and softwarerequirements needed for implementation and maintenance of the system. And the Hotel stakeholders canafford this system easily and can face the market challenges. This system is supposed to design to ensuremaximum efficiency of the system at the hotel and this is hoping that system will be secure. This systemwill developed using java technology. This new system hope will help the hotel management and theesteemed staff members to manage the hotel data in efficient way and system will easy to access and veryuser friendly and there will also a help desk before using any functionality in the proposed system in thecorner side so that anyone can easily understand that how to operate the proposed system in absence ofany developer.System ReviewThe current system is based on paper work and direct communicates with customers and with departmentand this result in delay of information transmission from one department to another department.According to current system the customer either calls or visit to the hotel booking office. Now the booking office orders the other departments to do preparation for guest. When guest is check inthen document is transferred to account department. Then account department estimate the guestexpenditure on daily bases and bill is daily delivered to guest on desk in his/her room. During checkingout of guests, their all expenditures list is generated before date of guest checks out and when they checkout from the Hotel they got bill to pay.Strong points of Manual SystemThe staff members of Hotel no need to aware of computer skills.Low cost: This system no requires internet services and computers.Weak points of Manual SystemDifficult to manage all records of old customers.Difficult to search information about old registered customers (difficult in data retrieval).Need large space to stores all hard copies of records.No Security: Threat to loose files by theft and files can be easily modifiable by unauthorizedperson.Lots of human error in data entry.Difficult to modify data for any required user clearly. Page 1

Systems Planning Phase Systems RequestThe following format is used to design the whole systemProject Name:Project Sponsor:Name: Department:Organization:Phone:E-mail:Business Need:Functionality:Expected Value:Tangible:Intangible:Special Issues or Constraints:WBSTask NameDurationStartFinishPredecessorsWBS for System Planning41 daysMon 8/15/16Mon 10/10/16 Systems Planning Phase10 daysMon 8/15/16Fri 8/26/16 Systems Request3 daysMon 8/15/16Wed 8/17/16 Systems Review4 daysThu 8/18/16Tue 8/23/163 WBS2 daysWed 8/24/16Thu 8/25/164 Pert and Gantt Charts1 dayFri 8/26/16Fri 8/26/165Page 2

Systems Analysis Phase13 daysMon 8/29/16Wed 9/14/16 Questionnaire or Interview Questions3 daysMon 8/29/16Wed 8/31/166 Context DFD2 daysThu 9/1/16Fri 9/2/168 Use Case Diagram1 dayMon 9/5/16Mon 9/5/169 System Requirements4 daysTue 9/6/16Fri 9/9/1610 Commercial Software Package Research3 daysMon 9/12/16Wed 9/14/1611 Systems Design Phase4 daysThu 9/15/16Tue 9/20/16 Input Prototype2 daysThu 9/15/16Fri 9/16/1612 Output Prototype2 daysMon 9/19/16Tue 9/20/1614 Systems Implementation Phase12 daysWed 9/21/16Thu 10/6/16 Application Development Plan3 daysWed 9/21/16Fri 9/23/1615 System Changeover Plan4 daysMon 9/26/16Thu 9/29/1617 User Training Plan5 daysFri 9/30/16Thu 10/6/1618 Systems supoort and security phase2 daysFri 10/7/16Mon 10/10/16 Maintenance and Support Plan2 daysFri 10/7/16Mon 10/10/1619Page 3

Pert and Gantt ChartsPage 4

Systems Analysis Phase Questionnaire or Interview QuestionsThe following questions are asked from Manager.Q1) How many departments in Hotel and what they are named?Q2) what is computer skill level of your employees?Q4) Do you keep records of guests if yes then for how many years you keep record?Q5) How you take payment from the customers?Q6) who are your guest? Are they belong regional area or nationally or internationally?Q 7) what are the services in your hotel you provide?Q 8) what is the economic status of your hotel per year since you opened this Hotel?Q 9) what are your expectations from this project?Q 10) Do you want this system to be offline or online?Q 11) how many staff members in each department? This question is asked from Guest Reservation StaffQ 12) what are the information’s you stored of guest?Q 13) what are the total staff members in this department?Page 5

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