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Running head: HOUSING IN UNITED STATESHousing in United StatesName of the studentUniversity nameAuthor’s note
1HOUSING IN UNITED STATESIntroductionThe current study focuses upon the aspects of affordable housing within the UnitedStates. In this context United States is one of the most costly and Porsche countries of the worldwith respect to housing infrastructure. The price of the houses whether own or rental which arebelow 30 % of one’s income were declared by the US government as affordable housing. In thisrespect, the US government had launched affordable housing schemes. The scheme was toprovide sufficient tax waivers to the lower income group who were buying houses for the firsttime.Thesis statementTo analyse the affordability of housing within the United States and suggest mitigationstrategiesBackground analysisThere is tremendous pressure upon the housing resources within the United States ofAmerica. This could be attributed to the huge exodus of population from the developing nations,which puts more pressure upon the nationwide resources. As commented by Saez, Emmanuel,and Gabriel, the huge ocean of opportunities available within the US attracts more than 10million job seekers annually. This results in the real estate bidders hiking the per capita costs ofthe housing property. In this respect, problems are mainly faced by the non-native Americanswho might have moved into the country with a hope of finding new hopes and opportunities. Asper reports and estimates only 21 units are available per 100 extremely low income rentalhouseholds (Chauvinet al.). In this respect, the resource limitation and excessive high prices of
2HOUSING IN UNITED STATESthe housing can act a hindrance for the entire nation. As commented by Saez, Emmanuel, andGabriel , huge number of immigration have been seen to enhance the foreign exchange of acountry. However, the accommodation issues and high pricing of the houses can limit thenumber of international students and job seekers visiting the country.For the affective mitigation of the issue US has created a neat interactive map, whichanalyse the gap between demand, and supply of affordable units in each and every US basedCity. The map helps in comprehending the severity of the problem within the US. The figuresand estimates show that they have 42 units per very 100 low-income renting household. Furtherresearch and analysis have pointed out that as housing costs are lower in the countryside, whichis as per the income. In this respect, the tourists have often complained of economical rents beingallowed which makes US tourism one of the most costly one. The inability to provide sufficientaccommodation affects the health prospects of the public in general. The extent of thedilapidated living conditions can be understood form the fact that many families are sharing theirapartments or accommodation.The housing act of 1949, states that every citizen has the right to decent standards ofliving (Wu, Lynn, and Erik). However, lack of sufficient income and excessive pressure buildingupon the public resources affects the availability standards of housing and proper shelter. Inaddition, the construction costs being on the higher side people cannot easily afford to build theirown houses. One of the immediate causes, which had been encountered over here is the lack ofapproval standards for the social contract based upon housing (Favara, Giovanni, and Jean).Thus, the initiative lies on the part of the government to implement sufficient cost regulationstrategies and parameters which could control the cost of the housing.
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