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How Business Operate

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Added on  2023-03-16

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This presentation explores how businesses operate in different environments, including the classification of businesses based on public and private sectors, the structures within these businesses, and the implications on business in local, national, and global economic environments. It also discusses the impact of customer service and the benefits of customer retention.

How Business Operate

   Added on 2023-03-16

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How Business Operate
(TASK 1 & 5)
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Table of Contents
Classification of business on the basis of public and private
Structures within the business of Public and Private Companies
Implications on business at local, national and global economic
Impact of customer Service
Benefits of customer retention
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Functions of a company are much affected by business environment which
includes many internal and external factors. It includes employees,
suppliers, customers and so on. These elements which come under macro
environment are generally beyond control of organisation. Apart from
these, business environment is more dynamic and complex in nature as it
keeps on changing. Therefore, it is necessary for management to apply
changes in operational activities so that impact of these factors can be
reduced. In order to understand how a company operates its business, this
report has been made.
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Type of business on the basis of private and public
In marketplace of UK, companies are generally divided on the basis of
their business criteria. Organisations in private sectors are classified
on the basis of ownership like sole proprietors, partnership, joint
corporations and more. These firms are operating business to earn
more and more profit as well as government has no control on them.
While firms under public sectors are fully controlled by regulatory
bodies with common aim is to provide welfare to people.
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