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1. Plants can polymerize glucose monomers to make – Cellulose.
2. Nucleic Acids such as DNA, contain the following chemical elements – carbon,
hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus.
3. Chloroplast- thylacine is the mismatched pair.
4. NOT true of the nucleus – it is the site of most protein synthesis.
5. Carbon dioxide could pass through a plasma membrane by diffusion.
6. Producing lipid molecules is not a function of proteins in cell membranes.
7. Bone is one type of connective tissue.
8. A single layer of rectangular-shaped cells lining a body cavity would be a bed of
9. A tissue that is hard, rubbery, and lacks blood vessels is likely to be cartilage.
10. Maintenance of the body’s internal conditions, such as temperature, pH and blood
glucose at set levels is called homeostasis.
11. Minerals such as iron and magnesium are important parts of diet because they are
often used as cofactors for enzymes.
12. The end products of photosynthesis are oxygen and carbohydrates.
13. The function of the light reaction in photosynthesis is to convert light energy into
usable forms of chemical energy.
14. Glycolysis of aerobic cellular respiration occurs in the cytoplasm.
15. The epiglottis stops food entering the trachea.
16. Trypsin is principally involved in the digestion of protein.
17. The principal functional unit in human kidneys is called the nephron.
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18. The order that blood passes through heart is- (1) vena cava, (4) right atrium, (2) right
ventricle, (5) pulmonary artery, (3) lungs.
19. Skull-tibia is mismatched.
20. Lactic Acid will increase in concentration in muscle cells during strenuous muscular
21. Schwann cells insulate axons with a myelin sheath.
22. The structure that connects, and enhances communication between the two
hemispheres of the brain is called the corpus callosum.
23. Salivary gland is not an endocrine gland.
24. Steroid hormones are lipids. This means that they must alter receptors on the cell
membrane to have an effect.
25. These cells are responsible for cell mediated immunity. They arise in the thymus.
They are T-lymphocytes.
26. The chance of rejection of tissues following organ transplants can be minimized by
using tissues from a close relative.
27. Two cells resulting from mitosis are genetically identical.
28. While examining a diploid animal cell in metaphase of mitosis, you count 46
chromosomes. Which states that sperm from this animal would contain 23
29. The path of sperm through the female reproductive tract:
vagina – uterus – fallopian tube – ovary.
30. NOT a difference between meiosis in human females and males- meiosis is completed
before fertilization in males, and after fertilization in females.
31. NOT a characteristic of testosterone- it is a protein hormone.
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