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IT and Computing(Human ComputerInteraction)
INTRODUCTIONHuman computer interaction can be referred as a interface by which user interacts withthe application or a computer system in order to perform required function. Therefore This reportwill be based on the Kan Bank in which new online banking application will be introduced. Thisstudy will provide the material on the principles of HCI. Disadvantages of using HCI principleswithin mobile online banking application will also be explored here (Shneiderman and,2016). In addition various factors are determined in which user can interact with differentapplications.ACTIVITY 1Principles of HCIHuman computer interaction is the design and study which depicts the characteristics thathow the user can interact with the online computer applications. There are various principles andstandards are introduced for HCI which can be described as:Perceptual principlesThis principle of HCI can be basically utilised to create an effective display design. Thisprinciple is based on the error free design of the computer interface (Anderson and, 2017).This principle helps in introducing single sensory variables in which various possible levels arecontained. Mental model principlesPrinciple of pictorial realism which which represents multiple elements and suchelements are generally move in a pattern which recognises user's mental compatibility.Principles based on attentionIt basically helps in minimising the information access or interaction cost during thedistraction of the user in search to access necessary information (Rautaray and Agrawal, 2015). Proximity compatibility principle allows the users to divide the attention between twoinformation source for the completion of the tasks. However, principle of multiple resourcesallows the user to process the information across different sources.Memory principlesThis principle allows the user to replace the memory with its visual representation whichbasically helps in ease the use of memory (Card, 2018). Although principle of predictive aiding1

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