human resource management (HRM) Assignment : Aukland Council

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For your selected organisation, explain how human resource management (HRM) functions cancontribute to its performance by allowing staff to positively relate to others and effectively influenceand encourage others to achieve the organisation’s outcomes. Ensure that you also include theimportance and roles of human resource management in your selected organisation as part of youranswer.Human Resources Managemnt for The Aukland CouncilHuman resources management plays a very vital role managing and designating to maximize theemployee performance to achieve the vision for the companies and most important tasks for the HRis to manage the people, polices of the company, systems and process, relationship with the clientsand as well the organisation changes too. Human resources are also responsible for some of keysover structural changes or reforms of the company such as employee benefits, trainings, rewardsand appraisals during the year. Human resources has have to ensure that the on- the job trainingwhich they are providing to new hire employee to ensure they are trained and have continuesdevelopment as a career and personal growth in the organisation. For every successful business, HRwho drives all the aspects of the staff from bottom to the top level staff of the company and everyorganisation should claims that there employees are keys assets of the company to achieve theirgoal and vison for the companies. If companies have a positive approach towards their employeethey will definitely be able to achieve targets and goals.In the recent time, there has more coming up start-ups where in HR has to make sure to performtask and duties as per the guidelines or as per the HR rule handbook. In the larger companies, entirefocus is on the discipline and engaging in Decision making across all the business units with companyand every business requires a HR department but they depends upon the size or complexity of thebusiness whether it’s a small scale business, or a multinational companies so this will help to varythe need and the decision making of the company. For the small business, before hiring a newindividuals many thing has be taken into the consideration. Can you new hire will able to meet therequirement of the business or not? Will he/she be able to just in the new technology or process ofthe company? so, many factors has be taken into in the consideration while hiring for the samecompanies but where in the larger companies situation is not similar. Here are some of the benefitsof Human resources individuals that bring on the workplace such as: Improve employee turnaround,high employee turnaround hurts a company's bottom of the pyramid, Conflict resolutions, Employeesatisfaction, Improve employee performance, Training and development and helps with budgetcontrol. In the larger companies they offer you to do some of the short education course or post-graduation for your career growth.There are so many factors to be taken care off but out which where Human resources has to buildsthe organisation culture which will help to develop the good will and to engage with people as well.In the Aukland Council they have used the Value for money review (VFM) which will review of thecost effectiveness of our services. It began on 1 June 2017, and follows the amendment of the LocalGovernment Act 2002, in 2014. These are type of changes or agreement information must beavailable to employee which are at bottom of company so that they are also aware about changes orthe new contract which are happening in the companies. These types of initiatives must be taken bythe human resources so that employee are aware about changes. Also the Human resources ofAukland Council, they have ruled out a three year performance plan sets out their goals, addressesthe expectations of Aucklanders in four main areas: engaging and enhancing communities,1
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