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(Doc) Human Resource Management Solution Assignment

Added on - 13 Sep 2021

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Human resource management
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SWOT analysis
StrengthsIt is identified that the major strength for the Age Care is their positive
brand value in the market. This is due to the reason that Age Care is
catering to the need of the elderly people and thus carry a positive
impression in the market.
This will help them to further penetrate in the existing market and
entering in the new markets as well (Huang and Sarigollu 2014).
They are having their presence in different regions across Australia,
which is further helping them to cater to larger section of the targeted
Majority of the front line jobs are being done with the help of
volunteering services. Thus, this average cost of operation is low for Age
WeaknessesOne of the major weaknesses identified for Age Care is their operation
with the Australian region. Thus, they do not have their brand value and
identity beyond the national boundary of Australia. This is restricting
their enhancement of revenue.
Even though Age Care is having number of facilities in Australia, still
they are way behind some of the major global care facilities. This is
mainly due to the reason that global care facilities are having more
funding access than Age Care.
Initiation of the volunteering services is helping them in reducing the cost
of operation but this is also causing them to have lower degree of control
over their internal stakeholders (Sneed and Cohen2013). This is due to
the reason that volunteers working without any payments and thus they
are not bound to follow the regulations.
Average per capita income is increasing and thus the customers are
having more capability in availing the age care facility. This is increasing
the opportunities for them in the long term.
Entering in the foreign country will further increase the business
opportunities for Age Care. This is due to the reason that foreign market
operations will further help Age Care to have larger section of targeted
segments and revenue will get increased.
With the increase in the portion of the older population, the opportunities
for Age Care will also get increased. Thus, their future business
opportunities will be heavily determined by the demography of the target
market (Belke, Dreger and Ochmann 2015).
ThreatEntrance of the new players providing more cost effective services will
affect the business potentiality of Age Care.
Change in the preference pattern of the market will also have impact on
the business of Age Care. This is due to the reason that if the preferences
for the Age Care facilities get reduced among the target segments, then
the business will also get affected.
Risk of generation of negative word of mouth will further reduce the
potentiality of the business of Age Care. This is due to the reason that in
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