Human Resource Management.

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Running head- Human Resource ManagementHuman ResourceManagement
1Human Resource ManagementPart1Answer1Employee turnover is one of the biggest problems for the organization as the organization spendsan extra amount of money on recruitment and selection of the new employee for theorganization. A high rate of employee turnover not only increases the cost of the organization butalso decreases the productivity of the organization along with the level of motivation and moraleof other employees (De Winne et al., 2018).In the given scenario, it can be seen that within the four months, three key leaders of theorganization have left and many frontline employees have also quit the job. The high rate ofemployee turnover is an indication of problems. The experienced turnover can be said as aproblem because the rate of turnover is quite high. In a period of four months, if three keyleaders of the organization quit the job, it means there is lacking at the top management level ofthe organization.The HR manager can also seek feedback from existing employees regarding their feelingstowards their jobs. It will give an insight into the problem that why the employees of theorganization are quitting the job. In this case, the voluntary turnover of the employees is high.Voluntary turnover of the employees is considered a problem for the organization that somethingis not going in the right direction (Bilau et al., 2015). If the involuntary turnover is high, it cannotbe considered as a problem for the organization because in this case, the organization fires theemployees whose performance is not up to the mark. So, it can be said that the experiencedturnover is a problem for the organization.Answer2
2Human Resource ManagementIn order to find out the reasons that why the key three leaders, as well as several front workers,have quit the job, the HR would seek information such as exit form of the employees. With thehelp of exit form, the HR would be able to know the reason for quitting the job. The humanresource information system can also provide the rate of turnover of the employees within agiven period of time (Kavanagh and Johnson, 2017). So, with the help of such data, the rate ofemployee turnover can be found that will further help in analyzing the reasons for the turnover ofthe employees.The human resource information system can also provide information related to the employeeswho have quit the job such as the department of the employees, roles, and responsibilities of theemployees, etc. It would further help in finding whether there is a problem with a particulardepartment or a particular role. With the help of this information, the HR manager can rectify theissues in order to ensure a low rate of turnover of the employees.The human resource information system can also provide information regarding the need fortraining and development program. It is also possible that due to the lack of effective trainingand development program the employees are leaving the organization (Armstrong and Taylor,2014). So, the HR manager would be able to solve the problem and retain the employee.
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