Human Resource Management | what is HRM

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Human Resource Management | what is HRM

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1HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTIntroductionHuman resource management is one of the most essential activities for any businessorganization. The effectiveness of the various HRM activities such as recruitment and selection,performance appraisal, career management, staff induction, occupational health and safetydetermines the effectiveness of the organizational activities. However, the organizational culturehas a strong impact on the various HRM activities and the effectiveness varies widely with thedifferences in the organizational culture. This assignment highlights the two most essential HRMactivities namely performance appraisal and recruitment and selection and highlights the effectsof organizational culture, on these activities. The organization culture includes the foundationbeliefs of the organization on which the values and beliefs on the organizations lie. The sharedvalues include the way people work, dress, behave as well as perform their jobs successfully. Itis essential that the organizational culture be in coordination with the HRM activities, such as theperformance appraisal and recruitment and selection. The importance of the organizationalculture is highlighted, along with its impact on the performance appraisal and recruitment andselection of the personnel. Performance appraisalThe performance appraisal activities refer to the activity that identifies the goodperformance of the employees and ensures the increase in the pay or recognition of the efforts ofthe employees (Alvesson & Sveningsson, 2015). The performance appraisal program is directedtowards motivating the high performances of the employees, along with encouraging the otheremployees to enhance their performances (Dusterhoff, Cunningham & MacGregor, 2014).Performance appraisal has a key role to play in encouraging the employees to work diligently,towards the fulfillment of the organizational goals. The organizational culture has a major impact
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2HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTon the performance appraisal of the employees (Breaugh, 2017). Each organization has adifferent way of performance appraisal. In some organization, the performance appraisal is donethrough recognitions and rewards given to the employees. However, in some other organizations,the performance appraisal is done through given bonus and financial benefits to the employees.Performance appraisal might be in form of additional benefits given to the employees, orextended leaves that the employees get as a benefit of performance appraisal (Deepa,Palaniswamy & Kuppusamy, 2014). Promotions and consideration into the next career level arealso some of the forms of performance appraisal. The form of the performance appraisals that isprevalent in any business organization depends on the organizational culture (Alvesson &Sveningsson, 2015). The organizational culture that recognises the good work of the employeesand appreciates the efforts being given by the employees results in achievement of employeesatisfaction and employee retention (Hogan & Coote, 2014). However, if the organizationalculture is not positive enough to recognize the performance of the employees, then theemployees might not be motivated to work diligently (Dusterhoff, Cunningham & MacGregor,2014). Lack of encouragement from the senior officials might result in lack of effective work andlack of enhancement of the performances (Cummings & Worley, 2014). Thus, the organizationalculture has a strong influence on the performance appraisal. Many of the business organizations,with a weak foundation and lacking positive organization culture, might never engagethemselves in the performance appraisal activities, thus resulting in de-motivated employees anda negative work place culture (Dusterhoff, Cunningham & MacGregor, 2014). Thus, theorganizational culture provides a strong platform of recognizing the employees and their efforts,thus resulting in the encouragement and motivation in the employees.
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