Human Resource Strategy Planning Assignment

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Running Head: HUMAN RESOURCE STRATEGY PLANNING1Human Resource Strategy Planning of Walmart
Human Resource Strategy Planning2Human Resource Strategy Planning of WalmartBrief Company HistoryWalmart is a USA-based multinational retail organization which operates a chain ofsupermarkets, discount departmental stores. The headquarters of the organization are situated inBentonville, Arkansas. The company initiated its operations in 1972 and by 1988 became thelargest retailer in the USA. The subsidiaries of the company outside USA, such as the UK,South America and China are highly successful. However, the operations of the company inother countries such as Germany and South Korea have failed.Summarise the Organisational ChartFigure: Organization Chart of Walmart(Source: Creately, 2017)Walmart is one of the largest retail chain store across the globe. The company is a Public LimitedCompany listed at the New York Stock Exchange. The company is managed by Board ofDirectors who comprises of CIO, CFO, COO and CTO. Other than that, the organization has
Human Resource Strategy Planning3recruited business analysis manager, Engineering manager, implementation manager and thetraining manager. These managers handle different responsibilities within the organization(Price, 2011).The human resource system of Walmart Inc. is one of the most significant factor in the successof the organization. The retail services of the organization are focused on the provision ofefficient services to the customers. The HRM of the organization is focused on increasing theemployee performance and maximizing the sales of the organization. As the operations and thesize of the organization is very large, the company needs to forecast the workforce capacity. Thecompany mainly utilizes the bottom-up approach and trend analysis to examine the workforcerequirements of the organization. In the bottom-up approach, the human resource requirementsare identified from the initial level of the organization. The company utilizes this strategy toassure that there is ample workforce at the frontline of the organization (Bach & Edwards, 2012).In the trend analysis, the human resource management tries to predict the future HR needs of theorganization with the help of current trends and needs in the organization.The company has implemented training support system for enhancing the talent within theorganization. It has implemented a performance management system and the primary objectiveof the system is to evaluate the performance of the employees. The performance management isan important function of the human resources and focuses on the evaluation and the managementof the entire human resources working in an organization. It comprises of the evaluation andexamination of the performance of the employees and taking training initiatives which canenhance the performance of the employees. A feedback is provided to the employees so that ifthe employees can acknowledge their actual performance at the workplace and can improve it.The training and development is an important part of the business organizations and it focuses on
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