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Hypertensive Patients1HYPERTENSIVE PATIENTSNameCourse:Professor’s NameInstitutionCityDate
Hypertensive Patients2Hypertensive PatientsIntroductionHigh blood pressure is a health condition that is related to abnormal functioning of theheart. The heart uses too much energy to force blood through the blood vessels, that is,arteries and veins. This further hardens the blood vessels thus making more hard for the bloodto go through easily. It can be referred to as a condition whereby the heart pumps blood at ahigh rate and speed than the normal recommended rate. This is a fatal health problem thatmust be dealt with as soon as possible the moment it is noticed, else it may lead to death ofthe victim. The condition is caused by several factors, most of which are caused by humanactivities or lifestyle. Medical research shows that majority of heart related ailments start as aresult of the food eaten by people, the lifestyle they are having, and so many other humanactivities. However, research indicates that high blood pressure is a manageable conditionand the patient can still live the normal lifestyle they had before the attack commenced. Ifthey follow the prescribed measures given to them by the doctors without fail, then there arehigh chances that the hypertension condition will cease to exist and the patient will go back tohis or her normal life condition. The lowest reading of blood pressure is diastolic, which theblood pressure rate must not go below. Blood pressure has also the highest reading calledsystolic, which is also fatal if the pressure rate exceeds. Abnormal blood pressure is causedby among other things; smoking, stress, genetics, being obese, eating too much salt in foods.Sleep apnea and many other.Hypertensive PatientsHypertension is one of the circulatory disorders that affect majority of people in theworld currently. Medical statistics have revealed shocking figures about the number of peoplesuffering from hypertension in the world. One out of every three people who wereinterviewed have hypertension symptoms or suffered from the condition previously.
Hypertensive Patients3According to the statistics, men of a certain age group are the most likely to be affectcompared to their women counterparts (Epidemiology: Hypertension - Rising with IncreasingObesity and Population Growth,2012). However, we are informed that at some point, boththe gender suffers the same fate. This is due to the fact that the circulation system of olderpeople functions almost the same way and at the same rate. This is attributed to the fact thatmajority of these people have blood pressure rate higher than 140/90 mm Hg, whichaccording to the medics, is very high and can easily lead to heart failure and other heartrelated illnesses (Esler, et al, 2008). The following are signs and symptoms characterised byhypertension:i.Headraceii.Sleepinessiii.Commaiv.Confusionv.Severe headache.vi.Fatigue or confusion.vii.Vision problems.viii.Chest pain.ix.Difficulty breathing.x.Irregular heartbeat.xi.Blood in the urine.xii.Pounding in your chest, ears, neck, etc.Hypertensive patients can manage the condition by visiting medical facilities andgetting professional advice and treatment from qualified medical personnel. The treatmentinvolves drugs administration and change of lifestyle as well (Gallego, et al, 2013). Doctorsaddress that the first step towards hypertension treatment and management is change of
Hypertensive Patients4lifestyle. Lifestyles of individuals affects the levels of BP. Research indicates that a decreasethe levels of BP concentration by as little as 2 mm Hg is able to lower the chances of heartattack by close to 15% and as well reduce the risks of getting artery related coronary diseasesor infections by close to between 6% and 7% in a community setup. The patients are advisedto do enough physical exercises. They are also required to eat the foods that aid in healing ofblood vessels and their proper growth as well as healing. Smoking cigarette hardens the wallsof arteries in the body thus making it hard for blood to flow easily. This causes the heart topump blood using excessive force which leads to heart attack. Hypertension has also beencharacterised by too much intake of alcohol (Global Hypertension Experts Launch First-of-its-Kind Online Resource to Help Healthcare Professionals Address Most Challenging Formof Hypertension,2012). It, therefore, means that everyone within the community setup shouldtake less of alcoholic beverages or avoid it altogether for a better functioning heart, whichmeans that the rate of blood pressure will be normal. Hypertensive patients also need toreduce the overall body weight. Australian medical journal indicates clearly that obese peopleare at a higher risk of suffering from hypertension as compared to their non-obesecounterparts (Global Hypertension Market and Competitive Landscape, 2016). This isbecause the heart uses too much energy to push blood to the entire body of the overweightperson, thus making the hear become fatigue at later lead to hypertension.Doctors can also use medical procedures to help treat hypertension. However, the typeof drugs they (doctors) give depends on a number of factor. First, they need to know thecauses of the hypertension, they will monitor the medical history of the patients to know whatother health problems the patient is suffering from. the doctor may then give the patient anti-hypertensive drugs which will also reduce hypertension and its effects. Doctors do give‘water pills’, which are also referred to as diuretics (Global Hypertension Market andCompetitive Landscape 2015-2020 - Research andMarkets,2016). Diuretics are used to
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