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BUS7200 Statistic for Research Methods

Added on - 15 Oct 2020

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Running Head:HYPOTHESIS TESTING 1Hypothesis TestingNapoleon WilsonSouth UniversityBUS7200 Statistic for Research Methods 1Week 1 ProjectDr. ListSeptember 27, 2020
HYPOTHESIS TESTING2Giving that the Population menu (μ)=μ. The Standard Deviation, = 4.32sample mean 1x =4.32, number (N) =100, Null, Ho: =μAlternate: H1 :m =μ, Level of Significance, x = 0.05From standard normal table, two tailed 2 α\2 + 1.95996. Since our test is two- tailedreject Ho 20< -1.95996 or 20>1.95996I use test statistics (2) = x-u\cs*d\sqrt (n1)20= 4.32-μ\(0.67\sqrt (100)20= 6.781201=4.78The value of 12 d\ at los 5% os 1.95996(20) =4.78 & (2x) =1.95996Make the decision:Since the value of 20> 2x and right here, I have HoP-value: two tailed (double the one tail)-Ha (p!=4.78) =0The value of Po.0>, He we reject HoMy answer is made from this simple solutionNull, HO: M =μ, Alternate hypothesis: H1 : M! =μ, test statistic: 4.78conditional value: -1.95996, 1.95996decision reject HOP-value : 0
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