Impact on Human Resources Practices- Report

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INTRODUCTIONASDA is the multinational organization that is headquartered England and contains morethan 1lakh employees. It is the second largest organization that provides retail services in theworld which provide services through smart apps and through online platform. The current studyidentifies Guest’s model of HRM in the organization and also compare difference betweenStorey’s definitions of human resources management, IR practices and personnel management toachieve the goals and objectives. The report evaluates model of flexibility applied in theorganization. It identifies the types of flexibility that is developed in the organization andevaluate the benefits of flexible working practices for both staff managers and management aswell the impact that changes the in the labour market have flexible working activities. The studyexplains the forms of discrimination faced the employee at the workplace and provide theinformation about the benefits of developing and implementing the equal legislations for ADSA.Moreover, report compares the process of maintaining equal opportunities and diversity in thebusiness and compares the performance management methods used in organization and asses theapproaches used to manage the employee welfare in the organization. At the end, report willanalyze the significance of other topical issues that have major impact on the Human Resourcespractices and explain the implications of health and safety legislations. Figure 1 ASDA(Source: ASDA, 2016)TASK 11.1 Guest model of HRM in ASDA OrganizationHRM is generally used by every organization. It organization differentiate HRM frompersonnel management. By using this model managers are able to find the skill and potential inthe employees ( ASDA as a large supermarket retail store use this model ofHRM so that the employees can trust the organization and improves their productivity. Human4

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