Importance of Attending College Report

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1Name:Institution:Instructor:Date due:The Importance of Attending CollegeEverybody develops childhood dreams of what they would like to be in life and future.These dreams can be realized when well nurtured and when the child does not lose focus or abortthem. One way through which the dreams can be achieved is through getting the necessaryeducation. Attaining the dream of becoming a lawyer, engineer, doctor, teacher, scientist or evena politician calls for dedication and achievement in academics. One has to move from theprimary level of education to secondary level and proceed to the tertiary education. Tertiaryeducation offers a learner an opportunity to pursue their dream career to accomplishments.Regarding this, the paper explains personal reasons and concerns about joining college.Attending college is one way of unlocking opportunities (Taylor, Rick and Russ: 23).There are so many job opportunities but only for the educated. Securing a job or engagement inthe corporate world requires some skills, experience, and knowledge. I realized that there is noshortcut to achieving my dreams other than enrolling for the college education. It offers anopportunity to adapt to the numerous job opportunities and careers. College education, therefore,is essential to securing a job, keeping it and is also key in making money (Leonhardt: 14).Additionally, the college education has helped me become more independent in the sense that Ihave an opportunity to explore subjects in in-depth than I did in high school. Moreover, I choose
2my courses and class schedule as well as engaging in co-curriculum activities of my choice. Thecollege has, therefore, helped me develop into a mature, independent and responsible person.Today, people are becoming increasingly educated. Hence, people lacking collegeeducation may not be in a position to compete favorably with others (Jepsen, Kenneth and Paul:100). Employers are willing to recruit people with the necessary skills and knowledge(Carnevale, Stephen and Ban: 4). Consequently, failure to attain the minimum job qualities shutsa person out of the well-paying jobs. Moreover, people with a college education are likely toreceive promotions, develop excellent core competencies such as communication and listeningskills and also have higher chances or advancing their courses. Studies have shown that peoplewith a college education earn more money compared to those with only high school education(Carnevale, Stephen, and Andrew: 5). Also, high school education is very general hence onecannot simply develop a career. Conversely, the college education provides a learner with anopportunity to choose their life career which places them in a better position for employment orestablish successful businesses.College helps me invest in myself. It is in college where I have been able to developindividual skills, brainpower and knowledge. I have also discovered new passions, socialize withfriends, discovered myself, prepare for the future, and satisfy my curiosity. College educationacts as an eye opener where one is open to the world. College education promotes independenceespecially when I am away from family and relatives. In this case, therefore, I learn to managetime and resources without the influence or supervision of my parents.College life is not without challenges. One of the challenges is the management of time.College courses are more complex compared to the subjects covered in high school.Consequently, there are several credits to be covered within the short duration. Again, there is
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