Leadership and Performance: Importance of Intrinsic Motivation in an Organization

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Running head: LEADERSHIP AND PERFORMANCE Leadership and PerformanceName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1LEADERSHIP AND PERFORMANCEImportance of Intrinsic Motivation in an Organization: Earlier, the organization I work for, used to provide a competitive salary, as well as ahighly lucrative incentive plan, and hence the management ensured that anyone who works extrahard does not stay unrewarded. Yet, the employee turnover rate was high, and I myself wasunable to feel content with the workplace culture, that was highly autocratic, as well as the lackof career advancement prospects. However, soon as we communicated the issue to themanagement, after two long years, the company revised its human resource policies. Now, ourcompany has introduced a bi-annual training program, for every deserving employee who wouldbe able to complete professionally certified management courses to upgrade their existent skills.The autocratic culture has been substituted by an employee-friendly, democratic culture whereeveryone is allowed to engage in the corporate decision-making process. As my colleagues andco-workers started realizing that their opinions are getting valued as well, they started feelingcontent, and their engagement level also increased. They would themselves come up withimportant suggestions and recommendations and conduct internal training for organizationalsuccess. Gradually, the retention rate has increased over the years. The employees have started tovalue the employer-employee relation at large. Earlier, the company would pay us incentives forworking overtime, and yet there was no provision for appraisal programs. Recently, the companyalso appraises employees through proper employee appraisal employees and provides regularfeedback to the employees on their performance. This has helped in building a close relationbetween the management and the employees, and has motivated the employees to stick to thecompany for longer period. Job Design and Employee Motivation:

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