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Assignment on Motivation PDF

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Added on  2021-08-30

Assignment on Motivation PDF

   Added on 2021-08-30

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When I was working as a content writer for a non-profit organisation, I felt like my work was
making a significant difference. The team that I was a part of focused directly on a
curriculum for children in underprivileged schools. With the NGO's aid, teachers would be
given the proper skill sets to ensure that the overall teaching and atmosphere of the classroom
would improve. While my job was confined to a desk, from 9 am to 5 pm every day, we
would have routine visits to the rural parts of Lahore and would be able to interact with these
children. That was the highlight of my working experience and would notice me immensely.
However, when my university started again for the new term, my schedule no longer
permitted me to be part of the visits that I had come to love so much. Spending the whole day
taking classes and then directly going to my work often led me to become tired. These factors
played a large part in decreasing my motivation, and soon I became less ambitious for the
work I was doing. I was falling behind in the assigned tasks, which had to go through
multiple co-workers to be approved and finalised. Due to my lack of motivation, I was
causing a setback to all of my team members, which led to a few close calls with the
deadline. This overall affected my mood as well, making me upset and frustrated with
myself. I was too bitter when my team members could go one of the routine visits, whereas I
had to stay in the office to complete my work hours for that week. All of these ill feelings and
low moods went away, though, when a colleague of mine brought back the cards the children
had made for me. Seeing the words 'We miss you' written by brightly coloured pencils made
my heart soar and reminded me why I was here in the first place. Around this time, we got
our first pay cheques as well. As this was my very first paying job, seeing the cheque in my
hands, rewarding me for my hard work and long hours, made me feel proud of myself.
Whenever I felt myself becoming demotivated, all it would require was taking a look at those
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