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Running head: RAPID PROTOTYPINGNetworking Case study: “Rapid Prototyping — New Discipline”Name of the student:Name of the university:

1RAPID PROTOTYPINGIntroductionThis report depicts the importance of implementing a rapid prototype model in the businessorganization. This report elaborates the lessons learnt from the “RAPID PROTOTYPING — NEWDISCIPLINE “case study. In this case study it is mentioned that, while working for the Cocable Company,they had got a contract for GE Company to design a prototype machine for the newest jet engine. While,developing the rapid prototype machine for Get engine, during the testing phase they realized that theprototype machine is facing major implementation level issue. For making the required changes extra payment will be needed to provide. The departmentswho are going to pay for the changes are also illustrated in this report. Not only this but also thenecessary steps those are needed to be applies are also elaborated in this report. In order to avoid theseissues proper recommendations and strategies should have to be developed those are also illustrated inthis report. Answer to quetion1: Lessons learnt from the caseIt has been found that most of the project management oriented issues take place in theorganizations due to lack of successful project management methodologies. This report mainly dealswith different project management issues that the companies are facing. From last 1980, the rapidprototyping has become as one of the most growing field of innovation [4]. It is providing huge technicalopportunities to the business organizations also [7]. This concept is growing from the beginning of thegrassroots of technology. In this report Frank Billing an engineering student deals with the developmentof a rapid prototype model. From the very beginning he has started realizing the importance of newlydeveloped rapid prototype model and its effectiveness in the competitive marketplace [6]. Though,Frank Billing was willing to be a professional rapid prototype machine developer but as he had enoughdebt thus he had to take job at Cocable Company.Apart from this different issues associated to the rapid prototyping that might occur in thedevelopment phase are also have been learnt [3]. Very rapidly the usage of different technology isdeveloping widely. From the case study different issues are identified. It is discovered that issue mightoccur related to supply of the raw material supply [5]. The costs of the prototype developing equipmentare very high and even the functional and non functional requirement for the RP is very high. The

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