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MN503 Overview of Internetworking || Rapid Prototyping

Added on - 01 Mar 2020

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Running head: RAPID PROTOTYPINGNetworking Case study: “Rapid Prototyping — New Discipline”Name of the student:Name of the university:
1RAPID PROTOTYPINGIntroductionThus report depicts the importance of implementing prototype model for any businessorganization for gaining measurable revenue from the competitive market. Rapid prototyping iscurrently referred to as one of the most widely used technologies in every business organizations. Forthis particular report the chosen case study is “Rapid Prototyping — New Discipline”. The lessons learntfrom the case, the department who will pay for the necessary prototype changes and the steps thoseare needed to be investigated to measure that scope of the projects are appropriate or not areelaborated in this report.Answer to quetion1: Lessons learnt from the caseFrom the case study of “Rapid Prototyping — New Discipline”, It has been determined that, Iorder to develop any prototype for any business organization this is very much important to consider allthe necessary aspects. Rapid prototyping is referred to as one of the most widely used, growing andevolving field since the last 1980’s. It has been learned that in order to deliver a successful projectoutcome to the clients they should acquire proper requirements and resources for developing theproject. The upcoming business opportunities help to evolve different grassroots those are necessary tobuild different business prototype models [7]. In order to build prototype model proper raw materialsuppliers and experts are required to be hired by the management authority. Project implementation isnot the main concern of the developers but completion of the model within time and within theestimated budget is another important thing that must be considered. Besides bigger organizationmany small organizations are also currently investing on the concept of prototype design.This particular case study is based upon the name related to niche market as Frank Billing. Thisengineering school student was concerned about the new prototyping techniques and also realized thepotential of this kind of model in the competitive marketplace. In order to gain competitive advantagesfrom the marketplace the companies are required to utilize this kind of modern approaches. It is learnedthat, only bookish knowledge is not enough for developing prototype model for any businessorganization but also the developers are required to have enough knowledge regarding the applicationof that knowledge in the practical field. Frank Billing was interested to develop his own company ofrapid prototype model designing [4]. Though, he had gained enough knowledge and experiences while
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