BCOM101, Important Aspect of Human Interactions

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Negotiation is an important aspect of human interactions. It is applied and vitally important in everyday lives of human beings. Negotiations are very important in conflict resolution since it helps parties to a dispute reach a common ground. Negotiations are also very important in striking deals in the business world. This paper mainly focuses on how negotiations are important in maintaining good relationsbetween various parties. Good relations are very important in business transactions. This is because people doing business hope to maintain good relations so that the future deals can be tied for the benefit of both parties. There are different forms of negotiation. The most common forms of negotiations are interest based negotiations and position bargaining negotiation (Elgoibar, Euwema & Munduate , 2016). The strategies applied when negotiating brings out the difference between the two forms of negotiation. The two negotiation methods also have different outcomes both in the short run and in the long run. This assessment evaluates and discusses the reasons why interest based negotiations help in maintaining good relations when compared to positional bargaining.Interest based bargaining is an integrative bargaining approach where the negotiating parties collaborate in order to find a win-win solution for both parties(Parlamis and Mitchell, 2014). The parties negotiate with an intention of arriving at an amicable agreement as opposed to positional bargaining where the parties push on their individual agenda without considering the other parties position (Cadle, Paul&Turner,2010). In the interest based bargaining model, the negotiators do not hold hard-line stances and are open to considering the options presented to them. This bargaining method, therefore, helps the parties involved to create a conducive atmosphere for negotiating with one another and hence creating good relations between the parties. The bargaining method aims at developing mutually beneficial agreements that

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