(PDF) Embarking on E-Business at Ducati Motorcycles

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In 1996 Ducati was acquired by an American firm Texas Pacific Group. It has beeninvolved in improving and performing measures to leverage. Its profitability and sales byincreasing product portfolio, restructuring its ordering network, strengthing its sign. Also, pushup manufacturing efficiency, and upgrading its remaining number of motorcycles to sustain withcompetitors and the main element of the product is different. In this entire process, Ducatifollows Minoli’s turnaround strategy. The main fundamental logic of this strategy is based on the"Judo Strategy." In this strategy, the company follows a tactical approach by acquiringemphasize ability, no power, or size. It avoids head to head fight and other capacity trials that itis likely to lose. By accepting this strategy, companies learn how to beat their opponent on theircrew who have power, scale, and experience. The turnaround strategy helps Ducati focus on itscore competencies, such as technology and R&D, and create new brand value. The SWOT showsthat Ducati could use its forces to capitalize on its Japanese competitors' comparatively lowcustomer loyalty. Using the analysis of PESTEL, Porter's five forces, and SWOT, and strategicanalysis, it can seem that no other producer was able to secure a bulk market portion of theEuropean heavyweight motorcycle run.Ducati produced shifts in their merchandise improvement methodology that decreasedtime to demand from 36 periods to 15. Reduced size of sellers: Ducati wished to develop thecharacter of their sellers over geographical extension. They diminished their sellers worldwide.In Italy, the amount was decreased from 165 to 65 in 2000. It appeared in an improvement to3,250 in year-end recordings per seller from 2,310. Ducati seems to have established strategicchoices to reduce its market shares, the figure of its crankcases and models, engines and, cylinderheads. Manufacture elements most important for a brand. Ducati’s signs are covered up mostly inits machines. The Desmodromic delivery system, L-twin motor, and the Ducati engine's different
nature and exhaust are important for a brand. It did not obtain the crankcase rather theautomobile heads because it was a part of their art. To increase employee efficiency, Ducatideveloped the rate of motorcycles through a worker from 76 to 87 in 2000.
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