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Product Line Assignment - Cow and Gate company

Added on - 22 Nov 2020

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In marketing terms, a product is described as a system which is made available bythe companies for the consumption of customers. The product is key element forraising sales and profit of any company. It is also one of the major elements ofcompany as well as marketing mix. This poster will help in having a betterunderstanding about the product line and procedures of Cow and Gate company. Itis dairy product company which is based in United Kingdoms. The respectivecompany is serving milk bottling and baby food products.PRODUCTGoods-Cow and Gate company deals in variety of baby foods and milk products.The respective company serves different baby food item according to the age groupof the babies and toddler.Milk-It serves special infant milk by the name of pre term infant milkwhich is made for underweight infants. Similarly, there are other milkproducts for infants by the name of First infant milk, Infant milk forhungrier babies, specialist baby milk, Follow on milk, etc. Additionally,the respective company also serves milk products for toddler being agegroup from 1-3-year-old by the name Growing up milk –2 years andGrowing up milk 2-3 years.Baby Food-Cow and Gate company also serves baby food fulfilling allthe baby needs such as desserts, lunch, dinner, breakfast and snacks. Someof the famous baby food products are 4-6-month breakfast, 4-6-monthlunch and dinner, 4-6-month dessert, 6+ month breakfast and 6+ monthdessert for stage 1 babies. Similarly, Cow and Gate serves 7+ monthbreakfast, 7+ lunch and dinner, etc.OTHER ATTRIBUTES OF THE PRODUCTFeatures-These products differ in taste, crunch, flavour, ingredients, etc. Additionally, the unique feature of theseproducts are that the baby foods and milk products are made for different age groups of babies and toddlers. Thesebaby foods are rich in vitamins and minerals which helps in providing adequate nutrition to the babies and helps inease out the worries of mothers.Services- Cow and Gate has initiated a customer care team by the name of care team which in consist ofexpert healthcare professionals and experienced mothers in order to guide the newly mothers about variousconcerns such as pregnancy, birth, feeding and many more. These services are available for the customers for 24hours throughout the week. Hence, it provides connection to the customers and make them feel more confident andcomfortable about buying the baby products.Packaging-The packaging of the products has done in a very attractive way as the products are for smallbabies. Hence, it is important for Cow and Gate to introduce unique and attracting packaging in order to attractmore customers. The respective company practice different style of packaging for every product range. Forexample, the 4-6-month breakfast range comes in beautiful paper packing range. However, 4-6-month lunch anddinner range is packed in round plastic box. This is due to the weight and quantity of food that the respectivecompany decided to practice this packaging’s. Similarly, 10+ month lunch and dinner range is packed in glass jarsto assure the variation in its products packaging and to insure that products does not get decease.Brand-Cow and Gate is a well-known brand of the parent company Numico. It is a United Kingdombased brand which is very much popular among the locals of respective company. The main focus of the respectivebrand is on delivering through food products to maximum number of customers. Cow and Gate is now lookingforward to re-launch baby club in order to provide adequate advice and support to mothers.PORTFOILIOINTRODUCTION
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