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In this Assignment, you will create your own on-line shopping store in the console application. You can choose different products to sell in your store (at least 8 products). You will create an product inventory text file.The program will display two options at the beginning of the program, Customer and Manager.Customer:If this is a new customer, the program will let customer to register with their information and assign a unique ID number to the new customer. The customer will enter the customer id every time when they are shopping in your store and the program will keep tracking the total amount the customer spend each time to determine the discount level. You can create your discount level rule or use the rule in the assignment 4.The program has to keep tracking the products inventory. If customer select the productthat is out of stock, the program has to display a warning message and let customer continue to shop. After customer finish selecting the products, the program will calculate the subtotal, apply the discount, calculate the tax, and the total. The program will display a receipt on the screen and save it to a text file with customer information. (Just like the HEB receipt).Manager:The manager option has to be password protected. The program will give the manager two option:1.Display the inventory: display all the products stock information2.Restock the products: add more stock for each productYou have to create different classes and utilize the inheritance features. You have to text files tokeep all the information the program need. You can check some on-line store to get some ideas(Amazon, Walmart ...). Make sure your program does not end unexpectedly and let user have the option to continue.
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