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Project 6 – Bank Queue SimulationObjectiveCreate and use queuesInstructionsDevelop a java program that simulates the queues in a bank. Bank Queue Simulation ProblemImplement the event-driven simulation of a bank that this chapter described on pages 434 through 444. A queue of arrival events will represent the line of customers in the bank. Maintain the arrival events and departure events in an ADT event list, sorted by the time of the event. Your program must count the customers and keep track of their cumulative waiting time. These statistics are sufficient to compute the average waiting time after the last event has been processed. Display a trace of the events executed and a summary of the computed statistics (total number of arrivals and average time spent waiting in line). InputIn this section, the various input tables are described. Customer TableThe Customer Table identifies the Customers coming into the bank, the time they arrive and the transactions they wish to perform. Note that a Customer may want to perform multiple transactions. TransactionNumberCustomerIDArrivalTimeTransaction Type111Transfer21Deposit324Withdrawal42Account Balance537Account Balance63Withdrawal73Deposit848Withdrawal959Transfer10613Transfer
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