In this assignment you will use statistical tests for non-normal

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In this assignment you will use statistical tests for non-normal data. You may usemethods (non-parametric statistics tests) and tools (R, Excel, or SPSS) of your ownchoice - please don't rely on one tool or method, variety is expected. It is notnecessary to replicate any test you carry out, ie if you perform a test inR it is notnecessary to repeat in SPSS and/or Excel. A data file (from the 2011 Census ofIreland) is suggested, though students are permitted to choose a different file ifthey wish (subject to approval by Dr O'Loughlin). Your task is to prepare astatistical report based on the data in the file.UPDATE LINK:The Central Statistics Office provides data on "Small Area Population Statistics" –see: CSV file has 18,488 records based on 68 columns of data. You are notexpected to use all the data in the file and you may reduce to eliminate unuseddata if you wish. As there are a lot of data in this file, please be careful on whatyou decide to report on - it is up to you to choose.Some suggested reports:a comparison of methods of transport to work by County/Planning Regiondifference between different methods of transport in urban vs rural areasa comparison of journey times to work byCounty/Planning Regiona comparison of time leaving home to travel to work byCounty/PlanningRegionCorrelations may also be testedSuggested statistical tests:Descriptive statistics for all data usedTests for normality such Q-Q plots, Kolmogorov-Smirnov (please note - theShapiro-Wilk test does not work for sample sizes over 5,000)Mann-Whitney U Test/Wilcoxon Rank Test to compare two samples (eg -travel times for Kerry vs Cork)Kruskal-Wallis H Test to compare three or more samplesPost-hoc tests where appropriateSuggested visual representation of dataQ-Q/P-P plots
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