Exploring the Effectiveness of Social Media for Brand Awareness and Loyalty


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Independent StudyYou are required to conduct an independent project according to your individual interest. The project should reflect a business - related issue of your choosing. The report should showcase your understanding of the business research process, ranging from formulating appropriate research questions/objectives, designing proper research approach and method(s), to adopting a suitable data analysis. You are required to submit a 5000 words final report. Throughout the report, you are expected to showcase your critical analysis ofa relevant body of literature, secondary data, and your primary data. The arguments developed should be cohesive throughout the whole report or other format of your choosing, and should demonstrate depth of your knowledge in the topic.Is based on academic theoretical concept Contains a frame of questions which should be grounded upon theories Should be able to help us to explore management issues on the ground of academic foundation Leads to deeper insights and recommendations for the management The steps in independent study:Step 1: Identify a management problem or concern, which you are interested in and may need to be resolved Step 2: Identify a specific academic area, which may help management to solve their problem Step 3: Search for an academic journal through Hull e- library and use the most suitable journal as your core journal Step 7: Draft a 1000-word proposal and present it to your supervisor Step 8: Design a Primary Research and Questionnaire to collect data from 100 qualified respondents Step 9: Run statistical analysis by SPSS and generate statistical reports Step 10: Find out the similarity and differences between other scholars (from literature review) and the data collected (from your primary research) Step 11: Interpret the data AND explain the differences Proposed title: How effective is social media as a tool to promote and create brand awareness.Topic description (including the three research objectives): 1.To explore the effect of social media on brand loyalty 2.To analyze customers attitudes and buying behavior as a result of social media marketing in the fashion or beauty industry 3.To provide recommendations to organizations on effective use of social media marketing, in order to induce positive brand awareness and brand loyalty

Discuss the concept of brand loyalty using literature and theory 1.Table of Contents 2.1. Introduction (Study Rationale + Research Objectives) 3. 2. Literature Review 4.3. Research Methodology (Primary + Secondary researches) 5.4. Research Findings (Statistical data, SPSS reports, etc.) 6.5. Analysis & Discussion (Interpretation of data or interview findings, marketing implications, etc.) 7.6. Conclusions (extent to which objectives are fulfilled) 8.7. Recommendations 9.8. Limitations to the study and Areas for Further Research 10.Appendices 11.List of References

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