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Indigenous Health and Wellbeing

Added on - 15 Jun 2021

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Running head: INDIGENOUS HEALTH AND WELLBEING1Indigenous health and wellbeingStudent’s nameProfessor’s nameInstitutional AffiliationDate
INDIGENOUS HEALTH AND WELLBEING2Indigenous health and wellbeingPart 1Resource one: "Freedom of our life."(i). what were the central themes in this program?"Exploring the story "is a theme that was used to guide the secondary student to study thenarrative of their first Aboriginal life experience. The exploration topic consisted of series thatrepresented the history that helped the senior student to apply critical analysis of the series inhistory. The theme of ideas and issues exploration and telling the story is a section used duringthe time of political and freedom struggle. The menace of the annihilation of the firstAustralians of at the time of Wurundjeri clan leadership was led by Wonga who intended to seektheir land from the authorities. The Scottish preacher helped them to claim their land andinspired the people on the farming practice until the authorities stepped in and resisted this self-determination. In the resource of "freedom of our life's", the first Australians focused on manyissues. Some of these issues include; the reasons of the establishment of the Aboriginal reserves,the cruel functioning of the reserves, the necessity of these reserves, how the authority managedthese reserves, success and failures of the aboriginal reserves and how to handle the issue ofreserves in their land. The intentions of the powers for making the life in the Aboriginal reserveshard. All the above factors contributed to the struggle in the fight for their freedom of life.(ii) How does the aspect of colonisation, portrayed in this program continue to influence theindigenous people?Colonization in Australia led to decrease in population of the original introduction of the newdiseases in the region. The conditions affect the Aboriginal people's health up to date. The
INDIGENOUS HEALTH AND WELLBEING3colonisers killed the indigenous people directly, and as they occupied their land making themslaves in their area, the native was abused physically due to forced labour. The women and girlsof the indigenous were abused sexually, and this led to the infection of venereal diseases whichis a significant health problem in Australia nowadays. The introduced disease is still the healthnuisance in Australia. These epidemic diseases were the most immediate consequences ofcolonisation. These diseases include; measles, influenza and smallpox which spread through thefrontier and destroyed many indigenous people. The magnitude of settlers and the indigenoushealth despondency varies significantly across the area and period. However, the is an indefinitediscretion that native people suffer more on the high mortality rate of infants, high suicidal ratesand the general indigenous population carry a more substantial burden of infectious disease. Onthe continuous proliferation of health research, there are rare accusations of adverse colonialistoutcomes of health, and the situation became a historical event, in fact, a constant process ofnegative impact on the health of indigenous.Resource two: "you can't ask that."(i)The things that stood out about this program.The program “you can’t ask that” demonstrated that the value of the disabled and the sickpopulation in Australia. The program respected the right of every individual in Australia. Itconfirmed the capability of blind population parental care. It gives firm examples of successfulstrategies and approaches to the students both in the classroom and outside. It helps theAboriginal nursing students to demystify the perceived problems of incorporating and findingaboriginal outlook. The program evaluates how education achievement is linked with health,housing, crime, justice, employment and examines different results for non-indigenousAustralians and indigenous Australians across different ranks of attainment. It enables the
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