Indigenous Reverse Innovation Electric Vehicle Report


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Indigenous Reverse Innovation Electric Vehicle Report
Group 8:
Alexander Oktaviano Susanto (13420861)
Elina Padaeva (13623402)
Felicia Jaime Tan (13258410)
Margarita Markarian (13113885)
Desmond Chow
BX3061: International Business
James Cook University Singapore
8th May 2018
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Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Three issues
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Executive Summary
With environmental concerns, the demand for indigenous reverse innovation electric vehicles
has been increasing, with many automobile companies attempting their best to ensure they
come up with products that meet green requirements. China is among the countries trying to
transform from use of gasoline automobiles to the use of vehicles that depend on
rechargeable batteries. Although the use of these vehicles will have various benefits to not
only the environment but also to the economy, consumers have different perceptions
concerning their reliability. In striving to develop these vehicles, managers have faced
various challenges that include difficulties in Penetrating the International Market, complying
with the Law and government regulations, and issues in charging outlet. This paper will
analyze some of the key issues which the managers are facing in their attempts to implement
environmentally friendly cars. The paper will also suggest some of the recommendations that
can be helpful in solving the problems identified. Some of the recommendations will include
working with the Chinese government to attract more foreign investment, working with
global partners and source for subsidies or investors. Establishing networking and
relationship building is critical to entering the market faster and also meeting potential
investors and will provide a conclusion concerning the major findings.
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