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Individual Project Rubric:Grading CriteriaPercentageDeliverable requirements addressed; understanding of material and writer's message and intent are clear35%Scholarly research which supports writer's position properly acknowledged and cited direct quotations may not exceed 10% of the word count of the body of the assignment deliverable (excluded title page, abstract or table of contents if used, tables, exhibits, appendices, and reference page(s). Inclusion of plagiarized contentwill not be tolerated and may result in adverse academic consequences.20%Critical thinking: position is well justified; logical flow; examples20%Structure: includes introduction and conclusion; proper paragraph format and reads as a polished,academic paper or professional presentation, as appropriate for the required assignment deliverable10%Mechanical - no spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors10%APA - deliverable is cited properly according to the APA Publication Manual (6th Ed.)5%

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