WEEK 2 DISCUSSION THREAD – Class: Contemporary Challenges in

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WEEK 2 DISCUSSION THREAD – Class: Contemporary Challenges in BusinessDiscussion: Pretend You Are the InstructorLiterature is the art of writing something that will be read twice.—Cyril Connolly,Enemies of PromiseTwo of the competencies you must develop in order to become an independent scholar includewriting in a scholarly voice and tone and following an appropriate academic style. In your questto become a scholarly writer, you must follow the rules meticulously detailed in thePublicationManual of the American Psychological Association(APA). Initially, recalling each rule will bedifficult, but over time it will become second nature. Knowing where to look to determine if themanuscript you are reading or writing is in accordance with APA standards is criticallyimportant. Following a standard writing format increases the probability of others being able toeasily comprehend your manuscript.As you develop your scholarly writing prose in this program and beyond, there are two things tokeep in mind: Adhering to APA writing format is required for your Discussions andAssignments, and others will read your manuscripts for comprehension. Occasionally, newwriters forget they have a scholarly audience who will read their papers. It is important that thewriter understand the significance of placing him or herself in the position of the reader. To thatend, you will assume the role of an Instructor and will review an anonymous college paper toprovide APA feedback to a student writer. During this exercise, you will practice recognizingAPA errors and locating within the APA textbook the appropriate APA rules and formattingsolutions.To prepare for this Discussion, do the following:Read and view the materials in your Learning Resources, including the WaldenUniversity academic guide pages on common reference list examples and using theMicrosoft Word track changes feature. Review your APA manual for use in yourassessment of the sample paper.Note:To assist you in your assessment, you may use anysupplemental scholarly APA resources of your choosing.Assess Michael’s Writing Style Prose Paper to identify any APA writing errors, and usethe track changes comment feature to propose corrections. As you make suggestions orcorrections, be sure to include the source name and page number(s) so the author canlocate the correction rule. For example, if you find text that reads, “This study willprovide...” your comment may contain the following comment: “This isanthropomorphism. To correct it, please refer to the APA manual, 6th edition, pp. 68–69for details.” Do this throughout the entire sample college paper.By Day 3Postyour assessment of Michael’s Writing Style Prose Paper for APA formatting. In addition touploading your review of the paper as an attachment in the Discussion thread, include in yourpost answers to the following:
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