Essay on Impacts of Technology on the Tourism Development

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Essay BodyWhile doing this project I have seen different impacts of technology on the tourismdevelopment. I have examine theories of technological development like porters five force model. The industry of tourism is dynamic in nature that presents that it get affected regularly when achange is made. By taking help of Porter five-force model, I shows the impact of differentfactors on the travel and tourism industry. One of the factor is industry rivalry. This shows methat any of the person wishes to visit any site can check all details related to the prices by surfingnet. Threats of substitute is another factor which states that there is a threat to the old firmsdealing with tourism sector as various new enterprises are coming in this industry and areoffering the same services to the customers. One of the factor is Bargaining power of buyers. Therising technology has provided huge power in the hand of customers as they can compare pricesoffered by several corporations for the similar services and select the cheapest one. This createdtough competition among the current companies for keeping their prices low in compare toanother one so that they do not loses their expected users. Another factor is bargaining power ofsuppliers. I have realised that suppliers are major work force and if they do not get right paymenton time than this affects adversely on the operation of firm as all the services are supplied bythem. If there would be a case when supply of labour is less than what is available with theorganisation, the bargaining power increases with them. So, they can demand for the highpayments. By this way, I realised that this approach should be properly utilised as it helps inknowing various types of threats that may occur in future and can affect the tourism industry.I also realise that development in technologies fosters the tourism sectors. One of suchdevelopment is done with respect of images of photos. People generally take selfies orphotographs of various sites visited by them so that they can keep this as memory. Images takenby tourists which is 2 D can be converted into 3 D effects. This has the capacity of adding life intheir captures. This image represents that regular modification and improvements are done in thetechnologies of communications which furthermore add success to the operations. I have noticesanother software via which consumers can get accessibility of various screens. This software isknown as Multiple screen sharing economy. This assist users in making comparison very easilyas well as effectively. The development in this technology also helps tourists in making betterdecisions of inter coursing their screens with those who can support them in choosing what isgood for them.1
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