Induction Motors Assignment

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CE 3.1: Project IntroductionName of the Project:AutomaticStar Delta Starter Using Relay with anElectronic Adjustable TimerGeographical Location:[Please Fill]Project Duration:[Please Fill]Organization:[Please Fill]Position in the Project:Team MemberCE 3.2: Project BackgroundCE 3.2.1: Characteristics of the ProjectInduction motors are very popular and preferred in many areas because of low-maintenance, low-cost, fast pick-up, sturdy construction, and better efficiency. Star to Deltaconversion starters could be helpful in achieving reduced voltage starters for the induction motorand are much efficient in 50 Hz power supply. I am using start delta conversion for reducing thestart current of the motors. I have introduced a system that can be helpful to start a three-phasemotor rated 440V and power supply of 50Hz including an electronic adjustable timer to the deltamode and a set of 12V relays to the start mode connection. I have designed this project toprovide low voltage to the induction motors. In manner to change the mains supply from three-Page1of9
phase star to delta in mono stable mode, the timer comprises of a 555 gives the output of whichis fed to a relay.CE 3.2.2: Objectives developed for projectWhile developing the project my mindset was settled in a single direction of achievingthe project successfully and maintains the estimated budget without any time or moneyextension. I was focused on designing a system that could be helpful in providing low voltagesupply to the induction motors. Following were the objectives of the project:To provide low voltage start to the induction motors;To minimize the start current for the motor through star delta starters;To implement electronic adjustable timer for the induction motors;CE 3.2.3: My area of workIt was a collaborative work of assistant professor, project leader and three members and Iwas responsible for automatic star/delta starter modeling and configuration. This project wasdivided into three phases that includes modeling the circuit, configuring the circuit, and testing. Iwas motivated and supported by my assistant professor. I have taken ideas from the theory thatin delta connection, phase voltage is same as the voltage supplied that means full voltage will beapplied to the motor while it starts. I had obtained the star/delta starter from three contactorsincluding a thermal overload and electrochemical timer for operating the three-phase motor at44V and 50HZ AC supply. I had also contributed to the connections for the star to delta with thetime delay mechanism.Page2of9
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