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Industrial Revolution
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Industrial Revolution helped in marking period of the development towards latter half
of that of 18th century which was able to transform the agrarian society of Europe and the
America into the industrialized one. The new machines and the techniques had been
introduced in the textiles and in the other industries that proved to be helpful in production of
the goods in mass quantities1. Industrial Revolution started in Britain and it spread to other
parts of world by the end of 1830’s and the 40’s. The event paved the path for the
unprecedented rise in population growth and the technological innovations started on account
of the Industrial Revolution. It marked an important turning point in the history and it was
instrumental in transforming the daily lives of the people. This essay discuses about Industrial
Revolution and it talks about important transformations taking place during this time. The
essay elucidates on the effect of revolution on working class of Britain in later part of 18th
Overview of Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution within modern history saw process of the change from the
agrarian economy to the one which was dominated by the industry along with machine
manufacturing. It started in Britain at the time of 18th century and then spread in other
countries of the world. The primary features which were involved in Industrial Revolution
pertains to technological, cultural along with the socio-economic. New basic materials started
being used in Industrial Revolution and new machines were invented which facilitated the
increased production with small expenditure of the human energy2. There were significant
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developments in the area of the transportation along with the communication and science was
applied to the industry. The technological changes increased the usage of the natural
resources in relation to the manufactured goods.
There were significant developments which were made in the field of the
nonindustrial spheres. The agricultural improvements helped in making possible provision of
the food that can serve the large amount of non-agricultural population. The economic
changes that took place helped in the wider distribution of the wealth and the increase in the
international trade. The political changes helped in reflecting shift in the economic power that
helped in corresponding to needs of the industrialized society3. The workers acquired the new
and the distinctive skills that helped them in catering to the needs of various kinds of
industries. A psychological change also took place and the people acquired the ability of
making the efficient use of the resources that served the demands of the age.
Industrial Revolution took place over a span of 100 years and it started in Britain in
the later half of 1700’s and it later on spread to the Europe along with United States. First
wave in relation to Industrial Revolution took place from late 1700’s to that of mid- 1800’s. It
was responsible for industrializing manufacture of the textiles and movement of the
production from the homes to the factories started during this period. The steam power along
with cotton gin played a decisive role at the time of First Industrial Revolution. Second
Industrial Revolution occurred from mid-1800s to that of early 1900. The large factories
along with the companies started to use more amount of the technologies that helped in the
mass production of the goods. The innovations that took place during this period pertained to
the usage of the electricity along with Bessemer steel process.
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Industrial Revolution brought about various kinds of the cultural changes. The people
used to live in the country before the Industrial Revolution however after the revolution the
people started to move to the cities so that they could work in the factories. The cities as a
result became overcrowded and the poor workers had to live within the premises of the
unsafe buildings4. Dramatic shift took place in the life the people and the transportation
changed dramatically due to the Industrial Revolution. It led to introduction of new ways of
travel which included railroads, automobiles along with steamboats. It changed the way the
people and the goods travelled across the country and in the world. The workers had to suffer
the poor working condition in the factories. There existed some laws that helped in protecting
the dignity of the workers. Towards end of the year 1900, labour unions played a significant
role that helped in the creation of the safe working environment.
Transformations during Industrial Revolution
There were significant transformations that took place at the time of the Industrial
Revolution that had a great effect on the lives of the people. The population of Britain
quadrupled during Industrial Revolution and it increased from 6.5 million people in the year
1750 to that of 32.5 million in the year 19005. It was brought about owing to improved living
standards of the people and the declining death rate of the people. Population of the Britain
was able to move from the rural to the urban communities with the help of the Industrial
Industrial Revolution paved the path for the creation of the new factories along with
the mills which was built across the Britain. The factories were dependent on the workers and
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