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Information Management and Financial Analysis for HR Managers Assignment

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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Information Management & Financial Analysis for HR ManagersAssessment Task Brief 2Module Title:Information Management and Financial Analysis for HRManagersAssessment Title:Report into the Financial Performance of an FTSE 250 CompanyIndividual/Group:IndividualWeighting:40%Submission Date:Refer to Assessment DiaryInstructions to Students for Submission of this CourseworkAssessment Submission:Your work should be submitted electronicallyTWICE:Firstly, to ‘turnitin’ at the Assessment area of the Module Blackboard site and you are required toachieve an originality score of 30% or less (details of how to submit to turnitin are available on theFMI module site Assessment area, there is also a video film to watch about turnitin there also).Excessive scores may mean that you are referred to an Academic Conduct Panel for plagiarism.Secondly, you must submit your completed work to the Assessment Submission Point as well. Thiscan also be found in the Assessment Area of the module site.You will also receive your feedback and grade electronically, this may be an electronic MS Word fileor an Audio MP3 file.There will be NO paper-based submission of this assessment.Task DetailsThe task will be 2,000 words +/- 10% and must be completed individually.This assignment is designed to assess your learning and understanding with regards to the followingmodule Learning Outcomes:Interpret and analyse financial statementsApply and critically appraise the application of management accounting techniques andmethods in generating information relevant to decision making within the HR domainCritically assess the financial planning, performance measurement and control mechanismswithin organisations, particularly from an HR perspective1
In order to achieve this you are to select an organisation from the FTSE 250 Index and perform ananalysis of their most recent financial performance as reported.The link below (the London Stock Exchange Logo) will take you to a website which contains the list oforganisations currently listed on the FTSE 250 Index and further links which will take you to theirwebsites.Before selecting an organisation, it is suggested you research a selection of organisations on the listand consider which markets or sectors they operate within and choose an area which is either ofinterest to you or is one you intend to work in, in the future.**Every student is to select a different FTSE 250 listed organisation**RequirementsOnce you have selected your organisation you should perform your financial analysis using a rangeof sources of information. The organisation’s annual report will be a good starting point and theseare readily available from either the organisation’s own website or from third party websites ordatabases (research) provided by the University.As part of the analysis you should put their most recent financial performance into context on anumber of levels:Against recent but previous performances e.g. the last 2 – 5 yearsAgainst identified competitor organisations performanceAs such you will need to identify and research competitor organisation’s financial performances.These may or may not be also on the FTSE 250 Index listing.It is expected you will perform a range of ratios as part of the analysis, including those specificallyrelating the HR metrics.Not to include these ratios will lead to a reduced mark.It is likely that much of the data for this work, so far, will be available from company records andaccounts, most of which is produced as part of the annual reporting requirements. Often this isprovided with a company written narrative which both describes and explains the facts behind theperformance. Naturally this can be bias and so you should seek third party analyst’s views upon yourorganisation’ performance. These will also be available electronically from both the Internet andSHU student research resources.Achieving this will lead to additional marks.From this work you should provide a summary of the organisation’s performance, similar to the oneswe have looked at in seminars. As part of this summary you are to either identify or makerecommendations as to the most appropriate methods of Costing and Investment Appraisal for suchan organisation, industry or sector. These are to be supported with clear rationales.2
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