Organizational Behavior and Leadership Assignment


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Organizational Behavior and LeadershipAssignmentWord limit:1,200 excluding references. I will allow a margin of 10% plus or minus.DO NOT SUBMIT PDF FILES FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT. If you submit a pdf file yourassignment will be marked but I will not include any comments in the file and I mayalso remove marks for pdf submissions. Submit only Microsoft WORD documents.Assignment formatType in regular 12 point Calibri (although Palatino and Times New Roman font typesare also acceptable). Sub-headings can be in bold.2.5 cm margin all round.At least a 1.5 spacing between lines.Number all pages.Please include a Cover Page at the front of your assignment. You should have thefollowing details on your Cover Page:1.Title of your assignment2.Your official name and your student ID (please write your surname first – forexample if your name is John Smith then list it as Smith, John)3.Your email contact details 4.The word count1

Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Note that your submission willautomatically be sent to TurnItIn for plagiarism check.Please submit only Microsoft WORD documents: DO NOT submitpdf files. If youdo, I may mark them but I will not include any comment at all. I also reserve theright to deduct marks for pdf submission. Should I decide not to mark the pdf file, Iwill then ask you to submit a WORD document but you will be subject to latesubmission penalties as I only download your assignments post the deadline. (Pleasenote that I reserve the right to decide whether I choose to, or not to, mark the pdffile).Plagiarism is very serious and you may fail if you have been found to have plagiarizedyour work. I expect your assignment to be your own work that is not copied fromanywhere or from any previous assignments. Remember that your report must nothave been submitted for any other assignment in any educational institution. It mustalso not have been submitted for this same paper before.A reference list should be included at the end of your report and should contain only thepublications you used in your assignment. Website references are not encouraged. Onlyfigures and data from official websites of government and internationally recognizedinstitutions are acceptable, such as NZ Statistics, Customs, United Nations, InternationalMonetary Fund, and World Trade Organization. References from Wikipedia will not beaccepted. Do not include a bibliography.SubmissionSubmission of your report is to be done digitally. Hard copy submissions for this paperwill not be marked.Please remember that the labeling of your file is part and parcel offormatting and will be assessed accordingly.This same digital copy will be sent forplagiarism check.Marking CriteriaAssignment (40%)1.Correct formatting, follow all instructions 42.Referencing, sufficient and precise 43.Structure and language expression 44.Demonstration of critical analysis and 22integration of theories, concepts and models5.Originality, imaginative, good examples 62


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