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Running head: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYInformation TechnologyName of Student-Name of University-Author Note-
1INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYAnswer for Question 1:There are many functions that the Information System performs to make a businesssuccessful. There are components of Information Technology which includes input things,processing things, output components and feedback process. The process that is most importantis the feedback process but this is overlooked most of the time. The functions of InformationSystem mainly include MIS (Management Information System), TPS (Transaction ProcessingSystem), DSS (Decision Support System) and ESS (Executive Support System).The Management Information System (MIS) is a system that deals with the issues relatedto behavior and the issues that are related to technical assets surrounding the organization. MISalso deals with the impact of system that is used by employees and managers in an industry.Management Information System deals with the study of information that mainly focuses on themanagement and the business of the organization. The second function of InformationTechnology is the Transaction Processing System (TPS). The transaction of the businessprocesses depends on the daily operations that are being carried out in an organization. Dailytransaction includes paychecks creation, purchase orders and many more. All these processes aredone by TPS with IT in an organization.The third function that is considered is the DSS system. DSS system is known asDecision Support System. The DSS is helpful for owners and the managers. DSS allows usingad-hoc reports or predefined reports so that they can support the planning operations anddecisions related with problem resolution. DSS gives answers to particular questions so that theycan evaluate the impact of the decisions that are taken before their implementation. The lastfunction that is involved in Information Technology is the Executive Support System (ESS). This
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