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Running head:MANAGING INNOVATIONInnovation is not Business as usualName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
2MANAGING INNOVATIONIntroductionInnovation management is a process that is associated with the change management.However, innovation is not only a business it refers to the improvement of the existing idea andknowledge of the individuals (Dangelico et al. 2017). On the other hand, by providing innovativeidea the business owner is not able to get success. However, besides innovation, other elementslike market analysis, competitors' analysis and demand of the target audience are necessary forany business. Therefore, for a successful business innovation, there should be the resemblancebetween the new and existing product and the innovation should be customer oriented. Thisliterature review will focus on the innovation in the context of George Weston Food in Australia.This organization is a well-known food manufacturer in Australia. Hence, the purpose of suchstudy is to understand the proper innovation process and the consequences of the innovationprocess associated with this organization. Moreover, the drivers of product innovation will becritically analyzed in this literature review.Identification of the business context and drivers of product innovationGeorge Weston Food Limited is one of the popular Australian food manufacturers and itis associated with the development of British food and diversified international foods. However,they offer the high quality product to the customers. Processed meat is one of the innovativeitems of such organization. They have started to provide processed meat to the customers onspecial occasion. Providing fresh and processed meat is a new innovation of such organization( 2017).Four key drivers are associated with the business innovation including inventor,entrepreneurs, and extreme individual and super mentors. However, the inventor brings the new
3MANAGING INNOVATIONidea for the product innovation in an organization. Hence, by using the natural talent the inventorabsorbs information and nurtured it. Entrepreneurs manage the creativity that is associated withnew ideas. However, the team members come with the new ideas to their managers and themanager encourages them by accepting their ideas and by providing them reward that leads theemployees to develop more innovative ideas (Zaefarian et al. 2017). On the other hand, theextreme individuals are associated with the building relationship with the team members in anorganization. A strong relationship between the employees in an organization boosts the creativity of ateam associated with some new ideas (Rodríguez et al. 2017). Moreover, the super mentorcreates a good culture for the innovation as cultural change leads the innovation to be moreregular within an organization. However, in the context of George Weston Food super mentor isrequired to give shape their innovation by establishing a good culture in this organization. Thiswill allow the organization to gain success by offering the processed meat during the occasion,which is their new innovation.Development and the implementation of the productDevelopment and implementation of a new product consisting of various stages that needto follow and maintain properly by an organization. In the context of George Weston Food, theyare going to innovate processed meat by reducing the sodium from the meat. According to theWHO it is essential for the food industry to reduce sodium content from the food and make ithealthy (Zaefarian et al. 2017). In order to give shape their new idea, it is important to use thelatest technology to design the new product according to the need of the target market. Bestpractices should be incorporated to develop the new products (Hu and Zhou 2017). Apart from

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