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Assignment | Example of Textbook Material Applies to Work

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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InstructionsThe purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity toarticulate—through written examples—how the material you are reading inthe textbook applies to your work or other organizational experiences (pastor present).ContentAn introductionBegin with an attention-getter then state your thesis or preview of the essaymaking sure you refer to the incident/s narrated and announcing each of thefive major concepts/key terms utilized. The name and physical and/orelectronicaddress of the organization examined must also be stated.Body (No more than a total of 40 directly quoted words may be used in thissection)The body should consist of two distinct parts which are connectedcomprehensively using an effective transition. The first part of the body(minimum of 2 full pages) must consist of a story or narrative of real lifeexperiences you have had in this organization as an employee,supervisor/owner, customer/client, provider/supplier, or auditor. It must beclear from your writing that the story is about real events. The story shouldinclude at least two instances of drama and not just routine events, thoughthe situations or incidents described must be real. Without a good portion ofdrama, this section of your paper will be dull, and therefore ineffective. Inorder to maximize the human appeal of your story/narrative, avoid anymention of textbook or class jargon in this part of the body—keep your story/narrative purely non technical except for jargon that you specify as actuallyused in the organization you are writing about. For good examples of a story/narrative described above, see the “Creamy Creations Takeover” and“Teamwork at the Marshall’s Processing Plant” case studies presented at theend of chapters 2 and 3 of your textbook respectively. Your story must bewritten in reported speech (indirect speech).The second part of the body (must be distinct from the narrative or first partof the body) should articulate how a total of 5 concepts/key terms from atleast three assigned chapters apply to aspects of the story you narrated.After briefly paraphrasing (defining in your own words as much as possible)each concept/key term, explicitly describe how it applies to an aspecthighlighted in your story. Engage only aspects clearly mentioned in thenarrative/story section of your paper, avoiding the introduction of new story/narrative details not mentioned before. Therefore, as you apply each conceptto an aspect of the narrative,you must indicate the page number where thatparticular aspect was explicitly included in the narrative section of youressay.The essay should draw concepts/key terms from only chapters2-9 and 11. Remember, the total of five concepts/key terms must be drawnfrom a minimum of three relevant chapters stipulated above. See the list at
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