Phases of Supply Chain Decision Making


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Running head: Integrative Supply Chain ManagementIntegrative Supply ChainManagement
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Integrative supply chain management1Phases of supply chain decision Different stages involved in the supply chain are the decision phases that are used for taking thedecision related to some product and the services. For the success of the supply chain management, itis required that the decisions are to be made in the flow of information, product and the funds that iscategorized under the three decision phases.The three phases of the supply chain decision include:1.Supply chain Strategy: In this particular phase, mostly the decisions are being taken by themanagement. The main significance of this phase is the prediction of the long term and the future conditionsof the market.2.Supply chain planning: main significance is to be done according to the demand and supplystructure3.Supply chain operations: Its significance is handling the customers from the starting phase tothe end. (Christopher, M,2016)Push and Pull view of supply chain management The pulling process mainly depends on the demands of the customer whereas the push process thepredications that the producer is producing by assuming that there will be the demand for theirproduct, they are not an actual demand and pull basically a reaction of the customers on the products.(Hamta, N., Shirazi,2016)
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