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1INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSOne of the greatest benefits of globalization is that it enables an integrated approach inconducting trade, whereby companies from various nations join hands to conduct trade. Whilethis does invariably result in incredible revenue growth for all the companies involved, morethan often the employees sent to a foreign country, are found to experience what is known asculture shock. The exposure to a new culture, which is considerably alien to the culturalbackground of the expatriate employee, leads to the psychological disillusionment of theemployee that can affect his productivity and efficiency rate (Martin, 2010). Since this impliesemployee de-motivation as well as considerable financial loss of the company, the issue ofculture shock deserves much attention. In the globalized era, multinational organizations often require its employees to move into new nations, for the accomplishment of the entrusted professional assignments. However, asand when an employee moves in to a new nation and altogether a new culture, the unfamiliarityof the local customs, professional codes of conduct as well as the inability to decipher thelanguage can lead to emotional stress. Most often, the employees experience a serious form ofculture shock when they move in to a new nation where the culture is very much opposed to theculture of his home country. For example, an American expatriate employee may not face muchdifficulty in staying at Australia, and yet he may experience intense form of culture shock if he issent to an Asian country such as India or China. The more distant a culture is, the more seriouscan the shock be. Employees experiencing culture shock suffer from stress, anxiety anddepression. These employees fail to stay motivated at workplace, lose productivity, are unable tostay focused at their works and most importantly fail to socialize with any of the co-workers,bringing in a complete failure of the professional project he is sent abroad for. The lack ofmotivation and the reduction in the productivity level end up landing the organization in trouble.

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