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International Tourism System

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Added on  2022-12-20

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This document provides information about the international tourism system, focusing on Mount Everest as a popular tourist destination. It discusses the accommodation options, economic impact on GDP, and key attractions of Mount Everest. It also includes data on international tourist arrivals and their origin.

International Tourism System

   Added on 2022-12-20

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Tourism System
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Identify the destination
The selected destination is Mount Everest, which is situated along the border of Tibet and
Nepal (, 2018).
The type of accommodation options available at the destination
Mount Everest is located in Nepal and is one of the best places to visit. Mount Everest has an
exotic natural beauty and is known to be one of the wonders of nature. The location is
awesome during day and even at night. Every year thousands of people visit the Mount
Everest. Overnight stay at Mount Everest makes it possible for the visitors to see the
charming sunset and dazzling sunrise. At this location, there are 3 primary places to stay.
They are: Rongbuk Monastery Guest house, Sightseeing Rongphu Hotels and the Tent Guest
house. The adventures at Mount Everest are so amazing that every year; Nepal has a high
number of tourists (, 2019). Apart from key hotels, there are some 300
hotels and tea houses that have come up due to heavy tourism in Nepal. The trekking
business at Mount Everest is on the rise. Most of the lodging facilities are owned by the local
Sherpa people (Gardner, 2016).
The economic impact of GDP from tourism at the destination
Tourism has a great impact on the GDP of Nepal. The tourism industry alone contributed
7.8% to the GDP of Nepal in the year 2017. Millions of jobs are created due to tourism in
Nepal as the country has a tourism dependent economy (Connger, 2019). Nepal saw a 25%
jump in the number of tourists in 2018. It recorded 1,173,072 visitors in 2018. Nepal is the
home for 8 mountain peaks out of 14 that have a height of 8000 meters above the sea level.
The Nepalese government charges a good amount of money for the Mount Everest
expeditions. They charge $25,000 royalty fee for an individual and up to $70,000 for an
expedition of a seven member crew (France, 2019).
Several key tourism attraction at the destination
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