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(Solution) Leaders Behaviors - PDF

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Added on  2020-02-18

(Solution) Leaders Behaviors - PDF

   Added on 2020-02-18

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(Solution) Leaders Behaviors - PDF_1
Student’s Last Name2Introduction Leadership is defined as the act leading or giving guidance to an organization or group of people. Successful leaders possess the intellect and power needed to govern their subjects or entities. They are visionary and ready to seize opportunities that come along. Successful leaders surpass the mere title of “boss” of “manager.” They have found new mechanisms of achieving enthusiasm, self-assurance, and charisma, probably due to a bit of luck and good timing. Some people are gifted with leadership skills, but most of the leadership skills and traits are learned and sharpened with a healthy dose of practice and time. Successful leaders have been found to possess some key leadership behaviors as discussed in this essay.Behaviors of successful leadersSuccessful leaders are good at managing themselves. It becomes challenging for managers to manage others if they cannot manage themselves appropriately. In other words, self-management entails prioritizing personal goals or being accountable and responsible for the accomplishment of the same objectives. A successful leader must be able and willing to regulate attention and emotions, time while acknowledging the personal weaknesses, strengths and likely sources of bias (Bauer, 2015, pp 30). Successful leaders have the skills and proficiency required to handle stress and balance both the professional and personal lives. They value the need for compassion and are always ready to respond to events and people in the right manner. Self-control and discipline are essential when taking certain actions, though being overly inflexible and reserved is not recommended.Exceptional and successful leaders act strategically. A liberal and forward thinking leadership is necessary in the modern world. A recent Harvard Business Publishing report,
(Solution) Leaders Behaviors - PDF_2
Student’s Last Name3Leading Now: Critical Capabilities for a Complex World; indicates that leaders need to be prepared to alter their strategies to deal with unexpected challenges or seize new opportunities (Sheard, Kakabadse, and Kakabadse, 2013, pp 80). Thinking and acting strategically is a continuous process that entails assessing the leadership environment. Successful leaders have come up with new ways cultivating strategic thinking. First, they are genuine, curious, and interested in their people and company’s’ environment. Second, they have a flexible mindset thatis capable of adopting new ideas and approaches. Finally, they focus on the future while maintaining a positive and promising outlook. Successful leaders are effective communicators. They have the right timing and know when to listen and when to talk. They can succinctly communicate to their people about everything from specific tasks to common goals. They understand that people need to be aware of what is expected of them, and if this is not the case, they will fall short. Hence, leaders are more specific for better outcomes. Successful leaders can communicate on all levels; face to face, to staff members and departments, via phone, social media or email (Marion and Gonzales, 2013, pp 20). Exceptional leaders have been able to build their communication on a continuous flow of nonverbal and verbal exchanges of stories, motivation, information, and so doing, they have been able to become involving and approaching people from many levels.Successful leaders are accountable and responsible. They are aware of their power and know how to control their people without overpowering or overwhelming them. Effective leaders are responsible for their actions and expect the same from others. They establish the rightprocedures that will enable them to be more efficient and productive when taking vital decisions.They are keen to follow the stated policies and rules while also encouraging and supporting individuality. They can balance different opinions and perspectives while identifying the right
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