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INTRODUCTIONThis is very important for every student to have effective learning journey which can helpthem to build a good career for their future. Learning is a process which has to be dealt witheffectiveness (Darling-Hammond and, 2015). This report will talk about learning journeyfor transition and success in University of Wollongong (UOW). This university is implementingvarious strategies to improve their process of learning which can be very beneficial for theirstudents like for example, teamwork. Teamwork is the first approach which is used by Universityof Wollongong in their management system for their students. This is the best way in which anyindividual can achieve maximum learning in University of Wollongong. Working in a team has so much of advantages like it helps in providing various ideaswhich are useful for the students in learning new skills and things. As a team, it will also be veryuseful in making them to respect others which will eventually improve their overall personalityas an individual (The Importance of Teamwork in Education, 2015). It is very important thatstudents learn to function in a team environment so that they will have teamwork skill present inthem when they will enter the workforce in future for building their career. Working as a teamcan help students to work for both; personal development and team goals. There is equalparticipation of all the team members.Innovation and design is the second approach which can be used by the student to haveeffective learning process. This is the best process which is adopted by University ofWollongong to improve their quality of product. This process helps in generating new andinnovative ideas which can be used by them in achieving their targets efficiently and making agood career choice for themselves. Innovation and design thinking are two very importantattributes for any student in effective learning process (Kempenaar and Shanmugam, 2018).These two factors can help them in making their future bright and good. Apart from this, having proper information also plays an important role in their life.Thisis the process which is used by University of Wollongong to provide complete information totheir students that is required for their effective learning process. This is managed very carefullyby them. This report is also focused on quality like independent learner. Presence of this qualityin a student is very useful as this makes them independent which helps in improving their overallpersonality. Being independent helps in taking responsibility which helps the students in makingeffective decisions for their career. 1

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